• Microgaming
Slot Type
  • Jackpot
Paylines / Reels 3 / 3
Potential maximum win 15
RTP 89%
Game features No
Progressive Yes

Major Millions Online Slot

Microgaming has always been the main player in providing major millions online slot games. With opportunities to play in major millions slot, gamblers have found this casino to be one of the most effective on the internet. The progressive jackpot game was introduced in the year 1998 and grew to become one of the most loved online casino competitions on the internet. In 2001, the online progressive jackpot network was created enabling more people to compete in major millions. More winners were announced yearly which saw people get more winnings as time went on. As internet use largely spread out in the world, slots grew in popularity.


The website has gained many visitors since it is able to offer a lot of slots. Many people grew tired of the normal physical casinos online since they had to wait in line for hours before playing. With the online pokie major millions from microgaming, more people can be able to play in a game through their internet enabled devices. Slot and pokie are one of the major millions games in microgaming since they are not only easy but also fun to play. They have people yearning for more every time they try out.

With the right major millions slot machine, people can be able to access the game via many ways. Whether you are using a computer, tablet or mobile phone, you can be able to access the games offered. Free pokie game is available for those who want to perfect their playing skills. The free online pokie is simple and comes with additional instructions. The Pokie machine on the website is very easy to understand for it has simple guidelines. You can be able to access the machine from different locations. Playing a free game builds your confidence because as you are playing, you have nothing to loose.