Play Free Pokies Online in NZ

Free online pokies are a great way to experience the thrill and excitement of online casino environment without having to risk any of your own money. You get the same exact experience and won’t miss out on any of the free spins and online casino bonuses and other fun aspects of them that you love so much.

What is Free Pokies?

Free pokies (slots) can mean two things: free (demo) play mode of any online pokies or a part of online casino promo that gives you an ability to play certain game at no pay while playing in real money mode. The option usually comes with wagering (play through) requirements.

In most cases, top NZ online casinos will offer selected slots that can be tried out without and need for you to make any deposits into an online casino account first. In other words, free slots are usually part of a promotion in which the online casinos try to get you interested enough to sign up with them and, maybe play them for real money too.

Free online slots can also be classified as normal online slots that are available in one of two modes. In one mode, you can play the slot for free, this is also known as a demo mode or a play for fun mode. The other mode is the real money mode which will then require you to make a cash deposit of your own before you would be allowed to play slots in this mode.

How about playing jackpot slots free online?

What would you do if you won over $6,374,599.92 on a single slot spin? A $5 bet won Georgios M this amazing progressive jackpot on Mega Moolah (May 9’Th 2009); available at Microgaming powered internet casinos. Check here Mega Moolah review.

While slot jackpots like this are not won every day, there are lucky person every day, winning smaller progressive jackpots on slot machine games. If you are wondering you can find some of these progressive jackpot slots, we have compiled a list of some the biggest, and best casino pokies games online that you can play for free. Please note that an online casino  DOES NOT provide free (demo) modes for jackpot slots.

Why Play Free Pokies. Advantages of playing

First and foremost, two modes: free (demo) play and real money play mode has the exactly the same Return to player (RTP) and all the slots' setting, including multiplier symbols, chances of hitting any winning, free spins, etc. So playing free slots is a good way to get to know actual chances and gameplay of a specific slot machine before you go playing real money.

Do you want to play online Pokies but you don’t know how just yet? You have to remember that playing Pokies online is simple. You don’t need to know difficult rules or to truly read up a lot in order to play free Pokies. Rather, what you can do is just get to know the guidelines and you will know that this will be enough for you to do what you want.

On visiting a casino, irrespective of its being a brick and mortar or an online, you are sure to find it loaded with a huge number of machines. The reasons are not difficult to guess. Playing slots games are hugely popular with gamers, particularly among the beginners. These slick casino games with high tech features are simple to understand and play free slots online. Casinos too find it very profitable. It is estimated that most online casinos on the market earn about seventy percent of their revenue through online slots.

When online slots made their first appearance during the 1990s, they used to have only a couple of reels plus one payline. These days you get slots having three or five reels and over one thousand paylines. You can also find slot machines based on some of the Hollywood blockbusters! Irrespective of the online slot you may choose to try, their functioning is essentially the same, though the additional features may be slightly different, varying with the different developers, softwares, industries and markets. A very helpful and frequent feature offered by many websites is ‘try before you buy,’ allowing you to get familiar with the game and its rules. A number of slot developers also offer free-to play editions of their actual money games through their respective websites and softwares. You can check your luck and visit demo versions (on desktop and mobile sites or download mobile application). Exclusive demo mode option is always available for our readers.

Free No Registration Pokies vs. Casino Slots

There will be instances when you are not quite sure about what you can expect to get from the game that you will choose. If you are going to play in a real land-based casino, you should know that you don’t need to register or download any software in order to play free slots. You can simply drop off your money at the machine and you can start playing online pokies. However, advantages of play pokies online is a different story.

There are some online pokies that you can play online without the need to register at the online casino that offers them but these unregistered slot games usually mean that you are not going to bet real money. It will mean that you will be playing for fun. For registered slot games however, you can easily link your account to it and start betting away, especially at real money mode.

How to Play Free Pokies?

Once you chose an online slot at one of the online casinos, you’ll find a game screen loaded with reels. The traditional slots would have three perpendicular reels, though most of the current video slots come with five. Enjoy our selection of classic pokies (fruits and wild west online slots are our favorite).

Each reel would normally contain more than 20 to 25 symbols, related to the theme of the slot. The objective is to rotate the reels to hit a winning arrangement of symbols when the reels stop dead. You can surely understand the likelihood of millions of possible combinations due so many of symbols contained in reels and a large number of paylines.

You can locate the ‘spin’ button that starts the reels’ motion at the right hand bottom of screen. Some free online pokies also provide a ‘skill stop’ button that allows you to stop spinning of reels on your own. See here for a more detailed list of all online slots popular in NZ.

Types of Free Online Slots

Free Classic Slots

First online edition of these games was developed by Microgaming during 1994. Fruit Fiesta (see Fruit Fiesta review) and Cash Splash (play pokies like Cash Splash here) are among the oldest online slot games. Initially, they were coming in three reel edition but now you get five reels editions too. These are quite easy to play, compared with other complex slots as generally they generally lack unusual symbols like Bonus Symbols, Scatter Symbols and Wild Symbols. Other leading companies like Playtech and Cryptologic too have developed Free Classic Slots.

Rags to Riches from Cryptologic is among popular Classic Slots that is connected to a progressive jackpot too. Tomb of the Pharaoh, a Classic Slot from Playtech with the looks of a land based mechanical slot machine has all the real sounds that are heard in a land based casino. However, it doesn’t offer progressive jackpots.

Here are Classic pokies / slots details:

  • Number of reels: 3
  • Number of paylines: Varies from three to five
  • Wager: Can be one, two or three coins
  • Winning combination: A paying symbol must appear in reels of an activated payline to trigger winning. Usually, there is just one symbol that allows winning though it may appear on a single reel only.
  • Free spins: Generally, classic pokies don’t offer free games or bonus games to some exceptions that you may find in Aristocrat pokies.
  • Software: Aristocrat, Playtech and Microgaming provide extraordinary classic pokies.

Play Free Video Online Pokies Games

The basic difference between classic pokies and online video pokies is that the latter comprise of five reels against three in case of classic pokies. However, there are many other differences too. Video pokies have more visual appeal. Current video pokies generally display wins via computer graphics to heighten the visual effect. Well known pokies based on popular TV shows or movies display animation by way of short video clips.

Here are some of the most popular video pokies machines: South Park, Iron Man-3, Wipeout, Where’s the Gold, Fruit Stack, Magic Portals and Dragon Island etc.

Most popular free pokies online by online casino software developer:

NetEnt's most popular casino games to play in demo mode:

  • Mega Joker
  • Jackpot 6000
  • Blood suckers
  • Devils delight
  • Simsalabim
  • Super Nudge 6000
  • Demolition squad

Microgaming's most popular casino games to play for fun:

  • Mega Moolah: the reason behind the huge success of this slot is simple. It has a progressive jackpot and plenty of players are millionaires because of it;
  • Game of Thrones: this one is quite obvious, as the TV show is extremely popular around the globe and New Zealand is not an exception;
  • King Cashalot: another progressive jackpot slot that could change your life in a heartbeat;
  • Immortal Romance: the theme of this slot revolves around a vampire love story and lots of people love the atmosphere, as well as the cool side games;
  • The Dark Knight: everybody loves Batman, so it’s no surprise to see the Dark Knight slots on this list;
  • Thunderstruck II: this game has a lot of characters from the Norse mythology and tons of ways to win. It combines cool graphic with exciting gameplay mechanics which makes it a cult classic.

Understanding slot machine pay table

Before you spin a reel, you should get all the necessary information about the game quality to increase chances. You can access the info by clicking on the ‘info’ or ‘paytable’ icon appearing on the screen, while you are driven to a different screen. There, you’ll come to know of different payouts offered for striking different winning permutations, list containing various symbols plus information pertaining to bonus rounds.

Understanding multi payline slots

Before you start playing on pokie machines with real money mode, you need to set the size of your bets and the number of playlines you wish to play. Just choose casino and slot appropriate for smaller budgets allow betting for as small an amount as one penny a line.

Then, you need to select the number of coins you are willing to bet on any particular line. Generally, the machines allow you to bet from one to ten coins per line. Next, you select the number of paylines i.e. the combination of titles over the reel that you like playing. You could bet on only one payline and go up to the maximum offered by the machine by just clicking on the paylines located on one side of the screen game.

Here’s is an illustration to give you a better understanding. Suppose, you are playing on an online pokies game with 25 paylines while the betting varies from one penny to one dollar a coin and the maximum permissible bet is ten coins per line. So, you may play just one penny on only one payline. In such a case, your per spin bet is only one penny. Or you may opt for the maximum of one dollar a coin, ten coins per line with maximum permissible 25 paylines. In this case, your per spin bet will amount to 10X25=$250.

Then, there are also slots with fixed paylines that don’t give you any freedom of choosing the number of playlines for your online pokie game. These can prompt you to spend more money over a period of time but they also present the possibility of striking an increased number of lucky combinations.

You can find online slots in 2-cent, 10-cent, quarter, and dollar denominations. A frequent arrangement consists of nine paylines on which you may bet 1 to 5 credits. You also get slots having 5, 15, 20, 25, and even 50 paylines, which can accept up to 25 coins per line. Usually you’ll find five reels spinning on your screen. Paylines may not necessarily run in straight lines but also in V’s, inverted Vs and in a zig zag manner across the screen. You’ll find at least five paylines, though the trend is to have up to fifty.

When you want to play, you set the number of paylines you want to get activated and also set the number of stakes per line. Once you are done with your settings, you strike the ‘spin’ button and reels start spinning before finally coming to a stop.  A winning combination is paid out but some online slots give the choice to double your booty, generally through a recommended ‘lower or higher or ‘black or red’ card game.

Understanding online pokies gameplay, strategies and variance

Advantages of play free slots is generally feature bonus rounds and ‘scatter pays.’ Nominated symbols would trigger a scatter pay when two, three or more of them appear on screen, though they may not be on the same payline. This is the most frequent award, giving the player any number of free spins from three to fifty. Often, the spins may get retriggered, if you happen to strike another three scatter icons on those reels while taking your free spin rounds, giving you another free batch of spins!

Likewise, special titles would trigger a winnings event. The bonus features of casino games may be by way of a specified number of free spins or the player may be offered one of these bonuses. Every online casino has own strategies and tries to be on the cutting edge of online gaming. Online pokies are some of the most prominent and popular games at online casinos. These online pokie games easy to play, which is why so mane players choose to play at the top New Zealand online casinos. To help you to make best choice of hottest online pokie, we’ve select some of the most recognized and recommended New Zealand game pokies with exclusive options for our readers.

Playing pokies is great fun for so many reasons: you will see last trendy visuals from best games software developers and spend free time with hope to win potential prize. The collection of pokies we present will definitely make you happy. We recommend only famous, fair and most trustworthy pokies in the industry, so you can just enjoy life and hope on gods goodness.

A Pick'em Bonus

As you hit three scatters, you are driven to a different game screen, wherein you are asked to select from an assortment of symbols, each illuminating a different multiplier or prize. Often, the icons are in line with the theme. You touch one icon and open a package to collect your lucky payout. You may keep touching different icons for additional freebies till one icon displays a ‘pooper’ and ends the round. All the wins that you made from the bonus round are added up and deposited to your account. It’s mainly because of such rounds that online slots have turned out to be the fastest growing online casino game over the last decade. Check  selection _ of real money casinos in game industry here. Using web site search always check others players reviews to learn from their finding.

Click me Bonus features and other useful information for new players

This feature gets triggered when three relevant symbols simultaneously appear on the reels. You just select one from those three icons to get a cash prize.

It is a normal practice for developer to include some unique winnings features (no deposit, free games options) in their games online and you are very likely to find them in different online slots. Some developers or game providers require to download their software to smartphones to enjoy variety of prizes or just hope on win.

Slots payout percentage

Payout percentages have gone up after casinos realized that they gain more on holding five percent per dollar than eight percent per quarter or ten percent per nickel. Slot players can expect about 90% payout, meaning that out of every 100 dollars, ninety go back to players over a period of time and the balance is retained by the online casino.

However, you should remember that payout percentage is a long term average. Though you may expect frequent payouts, it should not surprise you if 30 or 50 or even more attempts don’t deliver any payout. At the same time, it’s not unusual to get back 150 percent or more after a dozen attempts. The programmed percentage is always retained at the end. So, play responsibly and fix your budget before hand and stick to that strategy to receive real benefits.  And may the smiles of fortune be with you.

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