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Responsible Gaming Policy of NZ Online Casinos


The nz online casino industry provides a lot of entertainment and there are some players from New Zealand who actually manage to make money too. However, we all know that gambling is never only about fun and games. Some people actually get addicted to it and this is a condition that could ruin your life. […]

How to Win at Roulette | Strategy and How to Play Roulette in NZ and AU


Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games in the world. Legend says it was invented by Blaise Pascal himself. The famous French mathematician created a wheel that was later used for gambling. It’s not certain that this story is true, but either way, roulette remains one of the favorite games of […]

Dunedin Casino Review in Casinoslots NZ Guide For Gamblers 2018

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This month we are glad to introduce you our NZ Casino Reviews. Next in line is Dunedin casino, which has also impressed our gambling experts. First look The Dunedin Casino welcomes you with open arms. If you are a keen gambler, you must not miss the famous Dunedin Casino which offers a number of slot […]

Christchurch Casino Review in Casinoslots NZ Guide For Gamblers 2018

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This month we are glad to introduce you our NZ Casino Reviews. The first casino, that we are going to tell you about, is Christchurch Casino.  And we can say it’s definitely worthy to visit. First look Are you in the mood for having some fun? Winning some extra cash is on your mind? Then […]



When you have lots of free time in your hands, you tend to wonder what you can do with it that’s both fun and productive… right? If you’re one of those people, you shouldn’t waste your time wondering what to do with it anymore, as the Internet usually has all the answers. We’ve got the […]

Gambling Horoscope For December

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Lots of games, lots of opportunities to win – feeling lost between this choices? Let us help you to be sure, where luck is waiting for you this month. Check our November Gambling Horoscope and find out, where universe is helping you when it comes to gambling. ⭐️ Aries ⭐️ This month will bring more opportunities […]

Video Poker Guide: All About Video Poker

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If you want to start playing online but don’t understand how video poker works, it’s ok. You don’t have to have the answers to all questions. The rules are simple, and you’re going to love it. First, you should pick a game; there are several out there; look up the best online and see if your favorite online casinos offer them. You’ll need to upload money to the casino site you’re engaging in, to play, considering that the game works with credits. These credits will later be utilized to place your bets. Now that you’ve deposited funds into the game, the next step is to place your bet.

How To Play BlackJack: Rules & Tips

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Are you looking for ways to enjoy your free time and make it more productive? There are many activities that you can consider doing on your spare time, and playing in online casinos is one of them. With all of the advances of this century, it’s very easy to join these sites and play from the comfort of your home or on the go, you choose. Think of it as a win-win situation; you entertain yourself and win money all the while.

Baccarat Guide: What You Must Keep In Mind

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Take full advantage of these sites and interact in different languages and currencies, no matter where you are. Enjoy classic and fun table and card games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and many others. Baccarat is one of the most preferred games by players around the world because of the suspense and intrigue to it. People look for the adrenaline rushes that this game provides, which is why its popularity has increased in the past years. Even when it’s so mesmerizing and overwhelming, it is effortless to play, and if you’d like to become the best player out there, scroll down.

World Travel Guide for Gamblers: France

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France, land of bakery goods, wine and cheese, only legalized online casino in 2010. This may explain some of the reasons why Paris has had 8 land-based casinos operating at one time. True it is easier to get your gaming fix nowadays, but there is nothing like a trip to one of Frances best casinos. […]

World Travel Guide for Gamblers: Germany

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Germany is as old as the hills and has a varied and turbulent history to go along with it. These days it is home to 81.5 inhabitants, which is the most in any member state of the European Union and the seventh most visited country in the world. Germany has over 50 casinos and legalized […]

Poker Party Ideas

Poker Party Ideas

A poker party is a great party, with the best 6 to 10 people. You need between 6 and 10 players; 7 or 8 makes for a great game too. If you can have more than 10 players then you will have to split into two tables or play will be too slow for the […]

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