Online Slots

Kiwis and Australians call them online pokies, though the Englishmen refer to them as Fruit machines while the Americans know these as online slots. By whatever name they may be known to you, the working of all these is the same. The most important difference is their paylines and thus their payouts. Here, you’ll get a general idea of different types of slot machine games.

You’ll get a better understanding of various slots on getting familiar with some of the frequently used terminology in these games. So, here we go:

Slot Games Terminology


– Paylines run across the slot screens as well across all reels in a horizontal, diagonal or zigzag pattern. A payline gets activated as you bet on it. When a composition of symbols forming the winning symbols emerges on an activated payline, you win that game and the payouts coming with it.


– Reels, which are an essential feature of any slot machine, are wheels that have printed symbols. On pressing the ‘spin’ button, the reels start moving and come to a stop finally. It is the positioning of symbols on wheels that determines a winning combination. The symbols that a slot game may contain conform to the game itself. For instance, the Beach Life Progressive Slot by Playtech with a beach-theme comes with beach-themed symbols.


– Generally, the Wild symbol is the multiplier. True to its name, it multiplies. So, in case a winning combination contains the multiplier, your payout gets multiplied by two, three or even more times.

Slot Wild Symbols

– You’ll find these on online as well classic slots. They can replace any symbol but not the scatter symbol for making a winning combination.

Pokie Scatter Symbols

– Online slot games come with scatters. They are called so because they may be scattered everywhere on the reels and can make you win. Usually, a player is required to have two or more scatters on two or more paylines for winning that round. Before you start placing bets on slot games, you need to decide the coin size you would like playing and the number of paylines you would like to be activated.

Selection of coin size is done by pressing the plus (+) button for increasing the coin denomination or the minus (-) button if you want to play with a lower denomination. The number of playlines you want to activate is done by clicking on ’select lines.’ And, this is how you can calculate the total amount of your bet. Suppose you choose a coin value of $0.25, with 3 paylines along with 5 coins. So, the total amount of your bet would be 0.25X3X5=$ 3.75 Online slots are provided with a payout plan, which tells you how much you’ll get paid on winning various combinations. So, you don’t have to use your calculator as the needed information is instantly provided by all slot games. Here’s an introduction to various types of pokie machines.

How to play pokie machine games

Classic Slots

When you like playing traditional online casino game, especially like old fashioned lot machine, you would find the Classic Slot Machines fulfilling your requirements. First online edition of these games was developed by Microgaming during 1994.

Free Classic Slot Games Demo Play

Fruit Fiesta (or recent re-incarnation Happy Fruits) and Cash Splash are among the oldest online slot games. Initially, they were coming in three reel edition but now you get five reels editions too. These are quite easy to play, compared with other complex slots as generally they generally lack unusual symbols like Bonus Symbols, Scatter Symbols and Wild Symbols. Other foremost companies like Playtech and Cryptologic too have developed Classic Slots.

Rags to Riches from Cryptologic is among popular Classic Slots that is connected to a progressive jackpot too. Tomb of the Pharaoh, a Classic Slot from Playtech with the looks of a land based mechanical slot machine has all the real sounds that are heard in a land based casino. However, it doesn’t offer progressive jackpots.

Classic Slot Games details:

  • Number of reels: 3
  • Number of paylines: Varies from three to five
  • Wager: Can be one, two or three coins
  • Winning combination: A paying symbol must appear in reels of an activated payline for winning. However, generally there is one symbol that allows one to win the game though it may appear on just one reel. Free spins: Generally, classic pokies don’t offer free spins or bonus games.
  • Software: Playtech and Microgaming provide extraordinary classic pokies.

Play Video Pokie Games Online

The basic difference between classic pokies and online video pokies is that the latter comprise of five reels against three in case of classic pokies. However, there are many other differences too. Video pokies have more visual appeal. Current video pokies generally display wins via computer graphics to heighten the visual effect. Well known pokies based on popular TV shows or movies display animation by way of short video clips.

Generally, themes of such pokies include a sport, natural beauty or ancient civilization. The backgrounds of the wheels plus symbols accentuate the theme. These are identified by their bonus features, the most popular of which is the free spin feature. As this feature gets activated, you are allowed to play many spins for which you won’t have to place any bets. The other admired feature is the bonus game on a second screen. The most usual form of this fixture demands you to select items to award you with random bonus payouts. Here are some of the most admired video slots: South Park, Iron Man-3, Wipeout, Where’s the Gold, Fruit Stack, Magic Portals and Dragon Island etc.

Jackpot Slot Games

In case of Jackpot Pokies, also known as Progressive Slots, the value of the jackpot keeps increasing by small amounts at the end of each game which is not won by any player. In the past, jackpot pokies were individual games but the present trend is to connect different pokies to the same jackpot. This results to having one big progressive jackpot that grows faster as a number of players keep contributing to it simultaneously and it can be hit by any of the contributive pokies.

Free Progressive Jackpot Slot Games Demo Play

Have you ever had a lot of free time in your hands that you don’t know what to do with it anymore? That’s only normal; what’s also usual, is that you wish to find something productive that you can do with your time, and the good news is, there are plenty of things that you can do! We all have different tastes and enjoy various activities – that’s what makes us human – but if you wish to make money while having fun, we’ve got the solution for you. It’s time that you join an online casino and start taking advantage of all that it has in store for you. It will definitely be one of the best experiences you could live in your life, and you shouldn’t miss out on it!

A meter displays the amount of jack at all times. As a player gets the jackpot, the jackpot amount is adjusted to a predefined minimum level. It is the large amount of jackpot that attracts many players. This amount is often prominently displayed on electronic displays. Another kind of jackpot pokies is known as multi-level progressive jackpots. In this case, various jackpots with varying amounts are connected to the same network of pokies.