How to Read a Casino Score?

Casinoslots Aggrerate Score is a numerical expression of quality of a specific casino calculated using assessments by 5 components:

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Welcome bonus
  3. Casino games
  4. Casino Banking
  5. Players Engagement

Maximum value of Casinoslots Aggrerate Score is 100 points that conveys 100% confidence of our assessors that a casino complies to the requirements that allow to classify it as an Outstanding.

Casinoslots Aggregate Score is used to produce the ultimate ranking table of the best casino brands by our classification (can be found on the Homepage). The higher is a casino's Aggregate score, the higher is its place with our ranking table. Within the ranking table casinos are organized in ascending order, from rank 1 to 100, etc.

On the basis of Casinoslots Aggregate Score value, we classify casino brands as:

  • Outstanding (91 to 100)
  • Very good (81 to 90)
  • Good (71 to 80)
  • Medium (61 to 70)
  • Mediocre (51 to 60)
  • Poor (50 or less)

Each casino's Casinoslots Aggregate Score is updated weekly. Players Engagement component is the most dynamic part of the data, so it is calculated automatically on the basis of the data from casino affiliate software. It operates two factors: Visits to New Deposits ratio and Registrations to New Deposits. So, if the data suggest, Players Engagement component is re-calculated and this normally affect the aggregate score of a casino too.

For the purpose of contexting, we also display other critics consensus score on a specific score supplied to us by a casino reviews aggregator. You can compare our score to the consensus one to learn whether or nor we diverge.

Score by components are displayed to focus on specific issues of casino operations. We use them to produced component-specific ranking tables, for example, Casinos with best first deposit bonuses, etc.

Aggregate Score FAQ

What is Classification vs the Aggregate Score?

'Classification' term refers to two things: the methodology of assessment foremost, and the result thereof, for example, a casino is classified as Very good. Aggregate Score is the specific tool using which we are able to determine a casino is very good, i.e. because we scored its performance by 5 components,the aggregate of which is 85 is 85 and it refers to the notion of very good.

Theo Bogdan
Created by Bogdan Theo Chief Editor