How to Choose Pokies that Pay

The world of online casinos already provides a massive advantage in comparison to land-based casinos. Not only can you play more games, but the payouts are so much higher, making it much easier to activate the combinations you desire most. Sure, there’s still a house edge that keeps the casino on the winning side, but there are a few things you can do to ensure you get the very best out of each gaming session.

In this guide, we’ll look at ways to boost your winnings, which rates to the games you play, the way you play and when you leave the game. Of course, it means you’ll need to do some homework and work out a strategy before you hit the casino and begin to spin reels on your favourite pokies. However, it’s well worth it, especially for those seeking more winnings and bigger withdrawals without having to use a huge betting value or switch over to complicated table games.

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Finding High-Paying Pokies

Most players would spend their time researching games and their payout rates for hours at a time just to try find the titles that have the upper hand. While this would work, it’s still way too much work, especially since the casino actually provides the information you want right on their site. Those of you who’ve accepted a casino bonus might have heard about wagering requirements and game contributions, which is important as it tells you what games you’re allowed to play during the bonus. For those seeking higher payouts and bigger winnings, this information is just as valuable as it indicates what games are a higher risk for the casino.

At most casinos, they allow 90% of all pokies to contribute 100% towards wagering, but you’ll find a few that only contributes 50% and some even as low as 20%. This is because those games have higher payout percentages, meaning they reward more. These are the games you’d want to play the most, especially when you don’t have to activate online casino bonus. However, even with a bonus, these pokies are great to boost your winnings.

Casinos would also list their progressive jackpot games with a lower contribution percentage or not include these games with wagering at all. This doesn’t indicate a higher payout percentage but are listed with lower contributions as they offer enormous winnings. If you’re seeking games that provide a betting chance to win, avoid progressive jackpot slots as they usually include some of the lowest payout percentages. To find the game contribution information, simply visit the casino’s promotions page and enter the terms and conditions. Most casinos make it really easy to find the info while others would include it with the site’s terms and conditions. If you can’t find it, get in touch with the support team who’ll either provide the bonus contribution percentages or simply give you a link that takes you directly to the info you need.

Playing Higher Payout Rate Slots

Now that you have your hands an a few slots that are known to provide higher winnings, you’d need to ensure you play them is a careful manner and pay special attention to your account balance and how the game reacts. These pokies still have a house edge, but it’s a low smaller than other slots, but if you’re not careful, your gaming session could still result in a loss.

To play carefully and gain as much profits from each game as possible, you need to pay attention to your account balance within the first 20 to 30 spins. If the game rewards well at the moment, your balance would either remain about the same or would’ve increased, meaning you can go onto another 10 spins to see how it goes. If your balance has decreases by a fair amount, it’s mostly likely the game that’s not paying right now. Instead of using another 10 spins, exit the slot and choose another high paying game.

Just because a slot isn’t paying right now, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad game or it can’t pay well. Instead, you should wait a few hours and try it again as you might find a completely different range of opportunities on the next 20 to 30 spins you use on the slot.
It’s also important to start with a lower betting value for those first spins and consider what 30 spins would cost in total. If you’ve lost more than half that amount after 30 spins, get out and find another game. Don’t ever play more than 30 spins in this case as you’d simply lose more.
When you managed to hit big winnings, be sure to increase your limits by the same amount. For example, if you manage a win and add NZ$50 to your account, restart the 30 spins with the same betting value. If you’ve lost more than half the value of those spins, leave the game and take the remaining profits with you.