An Open Letter to You: The Gambling Traveler

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World Travel Guide for Gamblers presents Dear Traveler, Travel should be the best time of our lives. It should be a time to get away from it all, to explore new horizons, and to immerse ourselves in a vibrant culture so different from our own. The process of traveling is supposed to be magical, but […]

Best Animal Charities

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  Casinos are places where people bet in hope of making money. A person who enters a casino without much money in his pocket may leave the place as a millionaire. It all depends on the person’s luck more than his tactics in the game. There are several million online casinos worldwide. Most of the […]

Drinking Card Games

Drinking Card Games

Drinking Card Games are typically for a Saturday night hangout with friends. It is fun and it is a nice pick for an icebreaker fun. It will ease out any awkwardness in every party or gathering. It also creates a great bonding moment between you and your friends. This is best played when in groups […]

What you Need to Know About Online Gambling


Also referred as internet gambling, online gambling refers to a form of gambling whereby gamblers gamble using the internet. Basically, this form of gambling is an ideal hassle that you can use to make money while you’re at the comfort of your house. However, you must ensure that you carry out research first if you’re […]

No Clocks and No Windows. What Tricks Do Casinos Use on You?

Casino Tricks

Ever been to Vegas? Even a few times? Millions of people do it. It is an undeniable fact that the prospect of wining huge sums of money is the main draw for casinos. But how do they keep them gambling for as long as possible – even when they are losing? Casinos are psychological minefields. […]

Casino Etiquette Around the World: a Road to Success

Casino Etiquette

Casinos are undoubtedly one of the most addictive places human brain has ever created. From the very past, Casinos are there in existence and hence some are nothing less than historic places. As there is lots of gambling and alcoholism involved, different casinos have framed different rules for themselves. Hence, casino etiquette comes into the […]

The List Of The Best Gambling Books Ever Written

Casino books

Even in such deal as gambling, books still are a good way to learn the principles of any game as well as playing it in practice. Moreover, this is a good way to improve the knowledge about gambling a person already has. There are several excellent books on the subject and the right choice can […]

Flying Casinos – The New Frontier in Aviation

Flying Casinos

The casino industry is growing, and unique innovations have helped to power this growth. One such innovation is the flying casino. Simply put, a flying casino is a casino built inside an airplane that is capable of both short-distance and long-distance flights. The concept of a flying casino was experimented with as early as the […]

Key Developments in The Online Gambling Industry

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Before we begin on key developments in gambling, we must understand what is gambling. Gambling means a risky game of action in hope return of an outcome you expect. The outcome of gambling perhaps can turn out to be immediately or even time waiting. Gambling requires three elements that are: consideration, chance and prize. Responsible […]

List of Four Nations that Permit Casino Ship Gambling

Casino Ship

Gambling is prohibited in some countries and states. However, the need for some of these countries and states to cater to the needs of their gambling populations have pushed them to seek alternative avenues to allow for gambling without breaking the law. One of these alternatives is to allow people to gamble onboard cruise ships, […]

Japanese Robots Replace Croupiers and bartenders in Las Vegas Casino

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Japanese Robots Replace Croupiers and bartenders in Las Vegas Casino Las Vegas Casino’s croupiers and bartenders are being replaced by robots. Japan being the leader in the manufacture of robots has worked relentlessly to create machines that are able to outdo human performance while saving on labor cost. The robots, which are now being modeled […]

Online Casinos – Taking Advantage of the Offered Bonuses

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Today there are so many online casino options available that deciding on any one of them to play needs a serious bit of thinking. There is tremendous competition among casinos nowadays. As a result they are showering the players with bonuses and promotions. Choosing the best casino bonus can be tricky. Automatic preference should be […]

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