How not to lose in online pokies in 2021

We are not going to suggest you should endeavor to hack the casino rules nor speculate on the easy cheesy ways to earn for living with some absolute win-win strategies on pokie machines. Instead we are ready to give you some pointers to let you save your money and play at your leisure.

There are so many passionate gamblers among us in New Zealand. This is entertaining, in the first place, iGaming world is a global community of players, being on the same wavelength and it can really bring profits. We might be drawn by sports betting, land-based casinos, online pokie machines. It is fascinating to try your luck from time to time, but, undeniably, no one expects or intends to lose their hard-earned cash... So, this is why we decided to set out and discuss some decent practical approaches as to how not to lose a fortune.

You’ll be able to locate a jillion of so-called “risk free” tricks and schemes on the World Wide Web. Can you think of a mere idea that if all these recipes had really worked, they would have ruined all major casinos long ago. But that is not the case, meaning that they are not so absolutely perfect anymore… Casino operators are managed by smart people who came here to get their profit. And it’s 2021 - artificial intelligence and quantum computing govern the Internet, so, I guess it’s pointless trying to break the system. Meanwhile, what you should really consider doing is the following some strict rules that make sense indeed. 

Pay the highest attention to the payout percentages

Each video pokie game in any online casino portfolio has a certain RTP percentage, and as a rule, it is higher than payout rates in land-based casinos’ pokie machines - this is quite alluring and also argues in favour of online operators.

We are not going to get into mathematical details here, just let’s note that the higher the return-to-player rate is, the more chances you have to strike a jackpot, since this index reveals what percentage of the total amount that players deposit, is given out to the players eventually by the slot machine. Clearly, the rate can’t be 100% since casinos have their profit.

Online casinos tend to publish the data about slots in their collection on their dedicated pages to show they can be trusted. Game developers, normally, do not hide such information as well and you are free to access the entire tables of each game official RTPs. It is generally accepted that it is no use in playing pokies that pay less than 93%. The most profitable ones have 97-99% payouts. For instance, according to the open data the NetEnt pokies have RTPs between 95 and 98%, depending on a game, another top-notch software company, Playtech, offers games with the rate being from 92% to 98%, if we rely on the information on the global network. While MicroGaming’s rates vary between 88 and 98%.

In 2021 we have found some of the most generous pokies by payouts to players. And number one of them is Ugga Bugga from Playtech with an RTP of increadible 99.07% - it is not a classic type of slot. Here you get to make combos of symbols and have the ability to hold a symbol space that will be used on 10 lines of the grid. The graphics seem a bit outdated but the high RTP assures that it might be worth taking a risk. Another good choice for getting extra cash might be Mega Joker giving out 99% in RTP that is quite popular due to its great features (bonus game, progressive jackpot) and style. Blood Suckers keep its place among the highest paying slots with the RTP of 98% in 2021.

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Manage your finances

Just like in any other game of chance, you need to be wise with spending on pokies. You must have your own bankroll management. This will allow you to add sort of a balance to the game. It should be predetermined beforehand, regardless of the game result. We all know that any gain, like any loss, might blurry the mind and sense of euphoria or, as the opposite, a desire to win back, one can lose everything.

The golden rule states: you must determine your budget for the game (or for the day), and under no circumstances go beyond it. Consider how much you may lose from your balance and a sufficient amount of winnings that will complete the game for the day.

It's hard to stop when you're riding the wave. Just the same way as when you lose. If you have lost up to the indicated threshold - leave the casino, take a rest, be distracted. Do not try to recoup, because in most of the cases it’s just not worth it.

Don’t forget about the bonuses

Before you start playing at a particular online casino, you can go ahead and do research of what the market has to offer. You may certainly rely on our rankings lists since we have already made some studies for you to qualify and score NZ online casino websites, considering their license safety, welcome bonus values, available games and so on. So, do not miss the best welcome bonus options as well as the available extra free spins on sign up no deposit NZ, in the first place, and, secondly, choose the casino brand that suits you the most. 

In online casinos, you can receive cashback for the game, bonuses, free spins and many other rewards and privileges by entering a promo code or by fulfilling certain conditions. This will help you earn more.

Explore online casinos

Apart from welcome bonus availability, when choosing an online casino to stick to, pay attention to the available deposit and withdrawal methods and additional cashout conditions, so that if you win, you do not find yourself in a loss when you’ve found out that you can only withdraw a certain percentage of the deposit without wagering, or that no banking method suits you.

Also, we encourage you to check the software on the website by playing demo games, and get your experience with the customer support to see their availability.

Tune into the game

At the end of the day, first and foremost, we all play pokies for fun, so it is better not to immerse into gambling games when you feel blue. Otherwise, winning will not bring much joy and contentment, while losing will make you plunge into despair and here you can make a lot of mistakes.

During the game, do not rush, especially if you’re in bonus games, you need to make important decisions.

Hopefully, you will take your time, do everything right and keep your own balance. And we wish you that Lady Luck would never leave your side.


Created by helena Online Casino Reviewer