Choosing a Type of Casino Games 

Online casinos can be overwhelming at first, especially if you’re new to the online world and used to the limited number of games at a land-based casino. Some online establishments provide over 3,000 games, making it harder than you’d think to get started. However, all the games are easy to play, offer similar betting options and include guides to help you get started. Then again, if you’re completely new to casino games, you might find yourself struggling to find a gay type to start with. 

Online casinos offer various game categories that take you directly to pokies, cards games, roulette, scratch cards, video poker and other games, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. To get started, it’s best to begin with the simple games, those that offer straightforward betting options and don’t require any skills, such as pokies. You can then move onto other games such as video poker, roulette and table games, but for these you’ll need to do a little bit of homework, but we’ll get into that. 

Starting with Pokies 

Since New Zealand doesn’t allow any casinos to be registered in the country, chances are high that you’ll play with a casino that caters to many other regions around the world. There’s nothing wrong with this but you’ll find they usually refer to pokies as slots and a few other terms might be different to what you’re used to. 

To begin with pokies (slots), visit the games page and choose the slots category, which introduces a large number of colourful thumbnails to feature all the pokies on offer. Most casinos would include the most popular games first, which are great to get started with as they usually include the titles from leading developers. We've chosen best free pokies in New Zealand just for you!

Once you’ve selected an attractive game, look over the betting information at the bottom and ensure the total betting value is suitable for your needs. Most slots come with a default bet that’s much higher than minimum bet. As a beginner, it’s best to use the lowest possible bet, but don’t decrease the number of paylines as this would affect your winning opportunities. 

Before you begin to play, find the “pay table” which is usually listed with an “I” in some games. This takes you through to possible combinations, payouts, bonus features and how the game works. Going through this info would already give you a major step forward as you’ll know what to expect while spinning the reels. 

Moving onto Table and Card Games 

To move onto other casino games, you’d need to do some homework and read out guide that tells you everything you need to know about playing different casino games. There are many to choose from, each offering their own rules, features, betting options and winning opportunities. However, these games are also easy to play, but require a touch of skill. 

Games such as roulette are a lot of fun as players can choose a high-risk betting strategy or keep it low risk and activate smaller payouts regularly. However, it doesn’t matter what game style you choose, you’d need to know the basics of roulette and at least have a basics strategy to help you along. There are many to choose from, including easy systems such as progressive betting and the more complicated strategies such as Lebouchere. 

It’s also remembered to begin with the standard variation of the game as it offers easier rules, provides lower betting options and the game wouldn’t include all types of special betting features. From there, you can move onto modern variations, which include similar rules and features as the standard game, but usually offers small changes that makes the game react differently or provide you with more features and functionality in each round. Check this ultimate free spin guide.