Free Spins vs. Cash No Deposit Bonuses

Online casinos offer an elaborate range of bonuses that deliver excellent rewards, real cash advantages, allow you to play the latest games and even score some big cash winnings from it. Sometimes, it’s simply amazing when you consider the benefits on offer from these casinos, especially with some of the no deposit bonuses available. At the same time, you get some promotions that provide the goods, but make it impossible to win with extensive terms and conditions.

In this article we set the terms and conditions aside and have a look at the benefits available with no deposit free spins and no deposit cash. Since these are both no deposit bonuses, we already know that you’ll receive them after registering your account but before you make some deposit, which allows you to play games without making any commitments. For example, find the best $10 deposit bonus NZ 2021.

While both these bonuses sound great, there are a few facts that might make you consider one above the other, and since we’re all different, it’s worth finding out what benefits are available. With the details below, we’d include some of the most popular terms and conditions, but only the ones that have an advantage or disadvantage when compared to the other form of no deposit offer.

Definition of These Bonus Types

First things first, let’s find out what exact these bonuses are and what they offer:

A no deposit cash bonus is straightforward as the casino gives you free cash in the bonus of a bonus. The cash is the same as the additional funds you’ll receive with a match bonus, meaning there are wagering requirements and other terms attached before you can withdraw the funds.

A free spin bonus on the other hand tends to be a bit more involved. It’s also rewarded as a no deposit bonus in this case, but instead of giving you cash outright, the casino involves you to play their latest or most popular slots. From these free spins, you’ll generate winnings, which are added to your account as bonus cash, which carries the same terms and conditions as a regular cash no deposit bonus. The difference is, you can either win more with free spins or end up winning less cash than that you would’ve received as a cash no deposit bonus. See the list of free spins no deposit bonuses in New Zealand.

The Benefits of Each No Deposit Bonus

So, with no deposit bonus cash, you’ll be able to play the slots you want from the beginning as most casinos don’t limit players to only a few games. However, they would mostly likely exclude progressive jackpot slots and a few other slots that would be listed in the terms and conditions. You can wager what you desire from the start and apply any strategies you might have when playing slots with a casino bonus.

Free spins are also a great choice as you get to experience a type of double bonus. Not only does the casino let you play the latest or most popular slot(s) with the bonus, for example, Ariana slot free spins,  you also get to activate winnings that might just produce more cash in your account to play other games with.

Disadvantages of Each No Deposit Bonus

Cash no deposit bonuses have a set value, which usually isn’t large in value and might not give you all the gaming action you desire from a no deposit bonus. Casinos wouldn't also let you play just any games or wager above a certain amount, which relates to wagering contributions.

Even though free spins give you a double bonus, there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually win something from the spin or get more in bonus cash from those winnings than you would’ve from a cash bonus. The terms and conditions for the actual bonus cash would include similar limitations as seem with no deposit bonus cash.