Free Spin Bonuses: What You Need to Know 

One of the biggest reasons casino enthusiast decide to make the move over to online casinos is for the promotions and bonuses that are it’s available at land-based establishment. Of course, this refers to a large variety of bonuses, including welcome offers, reload bonuses, VIP promotions, loyalty schemes and much more. 

Each of these online casino bonuses presents their own terms and conditions and large variety of benefits to give you edge for joining their casino. The bonuses on offer have a lot to do with the developers available at the casino as the payout rates, game types and special developer bonuses play a major role in what bonuses are accessible. Some casinos feature much bigger match bonuses while others tend to focus on smaller values that come with easier terms and conditions. 

The same features apply to a free spin casino bonus but in most cases, you will find additional terms and conditions as these promotions serve as a double bonus. Not only you receive the free spins that allow you play the latest and most popular games, but you also receive the winnings that appear as bonus funds in your account that can be used to play more games. 

Free spin bonuses haven’t been available since the beginning of online casinos in the mid 90’s, but since they were introduced, these have become one of the preferred and most popular form of casino bonuses for players around the world. They provide a great variety of benefits to accompany any gaming desires while focusing on gaming from the very start. 

The terms and conditions of a free spin bonus would be a bit confusing for a first-time player as there are conditions for both the free spins itself and the winnings you activate with those spins. Furthermore, there are also multiple variations of free spin bonuses, some offering a bonus before you find the 10$ deposit online casino, others giving you a higher free spin value and even some that use it as a reward when new games become available. 

In this article, we explore every aspect of a free spin bonus and tell you how it benefits your gaming experience. We also go through the terms and conditions of a free spin bonus to see what could possibly end up being a disadvantage and what’s worth considering before you accept the bonus. 

What are Free Spin Bonuses?

A free spin bonus is a casino offer that gives you the opportunity to play games for free as if you were playing for real money and win bonus cash. Many would confuse this casino bonus with an in-game feature where the game gives you free spins, which this is not. Instead, with casino free spins, you’ll get to play the actual standard slot with a set betting value and it’s possible to activate all the bonuses and the in-game free spin feature while playing casino free spins. 

These bonuses have become amazingly popular as they offer excellent benefits with most casinos, including a large variety of game choices, low wagering requirements, enhanced betting values and much more. There’s no doubt about it, a free spin bonus is perfect for anyone seeking a promotion that really adds to the slot gaming experience as it offers 2 bonuses in 1. 

If you are seeking a free spin bonus, the best place to begin is with a Microgaming or NetEnt casino. These developers were among the first to introduce this form of bonus and make it available at casinos that feature their software. With this said, not all casinos that feature their software offered this form of casino bonus, but since the offer is part of the package, you’ll find it’s rather common. 

At the same time, there are so many types of free spin bonuses that have been adjusted by the casinos that feature them, which create a unique offer to benefit players in the casino’s unique way. 

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

Since online casinos have started adjusting free spin bonuses, we have seen a large selection of special offers that presents unique benefits for each casino. Some would simply offer a free spins no deposit bonus when you sign up and accept a deposit bonus while others choose to add free spins when you register without making a deposit or boost the free spin winnings by increasing the bet value of each spin. 

The fact is, these free spins are always evolving as casinos find new ways to enhance winnings and attract players with the best bonuses under the sun. Here are some of the most popular forms of casinos bonuses currently available: 

No Deposit Free Spin Bonuses 

A no deposit free spin bonus is one of the most popular slot bonuses are available in the casino industry. This bonus would offer you up to 50 free spins before you even make a deposit, which allows you to play some of the most popular games and win bonus money. 

The great thing about a no deposit free spin bonus is that it gives you the opportunity to play the best games at the casino with a fixed betting value and take on other games and wager as you’d please once the bonus winnings from the spins appear in your account. 

Since this is a no deposit bonus, you can expect strict terms and conditions with the bonus and the wagering requirements tend to be around doubt than of a normal free spin bonus at the casino. The terms and conditions would also only provide around 7 days to use the bonus or it’s removed from the account. 

Also keep an eye out for the games you can play with the bonus, which is available in the terms and conditions. With no deposit free spins, most casinos only allow you to play 1 or 2 games with the actual spins while also limiting the games available with the bonus funds that the free spins reward. 

Deposit Free Spins Bonuses 

Deposit free spin bonuses are by far the best when it comes to value as casinos would offer a much bigger amount of free spins and present lower terms and conditions for the winnings you activate from the spins. 

Some casinos might only include a few free spins with a deposit bonus while others add up to 200 as part of the bonus. However, when you receive a large amount of free spins, you can expect to find a division in the terms and conditions that state 20 free spins for the next 10 days or something similar. This doesn’t put you at a disadvantage, but simply means you cannot play all the free spins in one day. Of course, there are also some casinos that let you do as you’d please by giving you the full amount from the start. 

Deposit free spin bonuses tend to include unique terms and conditions apart from the bonus cash you’ll receive as part of the bonus. This relates to wagering requirements, how long you can play the free spins, what the bonus value is limited to and the games available to play free spins and the games that can contribute towards wagering. 

Loyalty and VIP Free Spins 

Loyalty and VIP plans commonly include free spins as an additional reward to provide members with more opportunities to play the latest games and win more cash. With loyalty plans, free spins will only be available at casinos that allow you to choose between cash and free spins. Of course, there are also casinos that include stores where you can use your points to buy free spins, special free spin promotions and much more. 

VIP free spins on the other hand, tend to include more opportunities as some casinos would give you a free spin bonus when you advanced to a new level and introduce new games with a free spin offer. Therefore, as a higher-ranking VIP player, you can expect to receive regular free spin bonuses to play the latest games first. 

The terms and conditions for these types of free spin bonuses tend to be a lot better than those offered to new players. Therefore, you might find it lot easier to wager the bonus, have access to a much bigger selection of games and even receive the winnings in cold hard cash directly after the bonus (very high VIP levels). 

Increased Bet Free Spins 

Increased free spin bonuses are scares, but well worth accepting for those who desire big bonus opportunities. Casinos offer these types of bonuses with welcome offers, VIP benefits and specific promotional rewards that boost winnings. 

Basically, these bonuses are exactly the same as a regular free spin offer, but instead of minimum bet per round, they offer a higher bet, which increases the winnings you’ll receive from combinations, bonus games and it would also help to activate features. 

The terms and conditions for these bonuses are similar to the bonuses above, which all depends on the reasoning as to why the bonus was rewarded in the first place. If it was for a VIP player, the terms and conditions would be lower than that of a player who received the bonus with a welcome offer. However, as with any casino promotion, the terms and conditions will provide all the information you need to choose a bonus that suits your needs. 

How Do Free Spins Bonuses Work?

From the casino’s point of view, there are many things to consider with a free spin bonus, including the type of slots and the payout rates, which has a lot to do with how high the wagering requirements, the betting value per spin and the games allowed in the bonus. 

However, for the player, those details don’t really matter as the terms and conditions provide all the information you need. All you need to consider is the bonus itself and what it provides. 

When it comes to how the bonus works for the player, it really becomes simply. The casino rewards these free spins to be played on a certain selection of games (stated in the terms and conditions) at either minimum bet or with an enhanced betting value. During the free spin offer, you cannot change the betting values, but you’ll still have access to specific game features such as audio and video settings. 

The free spins are exactly the same as it would be if you were playing the game with real money, meaning all the bonus features, reward opportunities, free spin bonuses and accurate payout percentages are identical to the standard game while using the free spin bonus. 

Once you activate a combination or bonus feature during the bonus, the casino collects the funds and adds it to your bonus account, which is exactly the same as accepting a regular match bonus from the casino. 

The winnings from the free spins are subject to wagering requirements, meaning you’ll only know how much the wagering requirements are once the bonus is complete. The wagering value would remain the same, but since you wouldn’t know what the total bonus amount is beforehand, it’s impossible to know how much you need to wager. Therefore, the casino doesn’t include the free spin wagering information before all the free spins are played. 

Free Spin Terms and Conditions 

The terms and conditions of a free spin bonus are very important as it determines what games you play as well as what the possibilities are with bonus cash generated by the free spins. Most online casinos include unique requirements with a free spin bonus, which relates to the games they provide, how many free spins are included, the type of free spin bonus and much more.

The terms and conditions for a free spin bonus would include two sections. The first, would provide information about how you can use the free spins and how much time you have. This is very important as casinos rarely inform you about the games allowed after bonus has been accepted. Of course, you can go back and check or get in touch with the support team, but you might set yourself up for disappointment if it only allows slots that you’re not interested. The time limit also plays a major role as some casinos would only keep free spin bonuses active for 24 hours. 

As mentioned above, the wagering requirements only apply to the winnings you activate from free spins. In some cases, these requirements would be the same as that of a match bonus, but it is worth reading through the terms and conditions as free spins could have their own wagering requirements. The casino would provide this information in a link on the promotion page or with the other information about the bonus.

Casinos commonly include betting limits to the winnings of a free spin bonus, which stops you from betting high values on games while wagering. You would also need to look at game limitations and contributions as some games (tables, video poker and some slots) might not contribute 100% of the betting value as seen with the majority of slots. 

Free spin bonuses that reward cash as a VIP program wouldn’t include wagering requirements, but it would still provide information regarding how long the free spins remain valid and what games the bonus is available on.

How to Use a Free Spin Bonus

There are many factors that come into play with a free spin casino bonus, which firstly depends on the type of offer they provide. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can apply to most forms of this bonus to give you an edge when it comes to winning. If the bonus is limited to 1 game that’s not paying out well at the time you first try it, don’t feel that you have to play all the free spins right away. Simply exit the game and return later to see how it is then. 

If the bonus allows multiple games, apply the same rule and jump between games to find the ones that payout really well and offer great bonus winnings. 

Once you’ve played all the spins, use your bonus funds wisely and set limits that force you to leave the game once you reach them. Also remember to increase your limits with big wins, which ensures you never lose too much with a game, but also have the opportunity to claim great rewards. 

Is it Worth Accepting a No Deposit Bonus?

Free spin casino bonuses are one of the most popular for online players as it offers a double bonus. Sure, this means more terms and conditions, but the actual free spins don’t add that much to the requirements and it’s well worth accepting them as they allow you to play even more games. 

Of course, free spin bonuses with a higher VIP level or those that provide higher betting values are great, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to the terms and conditions and the wagering requirements it includes. 

These bonuses are great for players who enjoy slots as, especially with a casino that let’s you choose the slots you’d like to play with the free spins while also including various opportunities with the bonus cash winnings without applying strict limits when it comes to how long you can play with the cash and how much you can withdraw. Check also our reviews of most trusted free pokies.