South Park
South Park
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South Park Online Slot

Updated: April 2, 2020 16:12

Slot Type:
Paylines / Reels: 25 / 5
Volatility: Low
Wager Range: 0.25 - 250.00
Potential maximum win: x750
RTP: 96.7%
Game features: Scatter symbols, Wild symbols

If you love the quirky, adult-targeted cartoon, South Park, you will thoroughly enjoy this slot. You get to see all of your favourite characters like Kenny, Kyle, Stan and Cartman, along with some supporting characters along the way. This slot is definitely not for the faint-hearted, so get prepared to become a fully fledged South Park citizen from your very first spin.

How Popular is South Park in New Zealand?

South Park is a world-famous cartoon and is just as popular in New Zealand as it is in the rest of the world. Due to this, there are tons of New Zealanders hopping on the South Park slot express and checking out everything that this game has to offer.

My Experience with South Park Slot

As a massive fan of the prime time show, I completely biasedly LOVED this slot. It inserts a much-needed humour into your online gambling experience (which is usually difficult to find) and features countless ‘inside jokes’ and memorable quotes from the TV show. Besides that, the gameplay, frequent small wins and atmosphere, creates an overall enjoyable and light-hearted slot that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The easy-going nature of this South Park slot also means that they are very giving with the number and frequency of Bonus symbols that you get - I managed to trigger all 4 main characters bonuses in less than 20 minutes! There are also 3 randomly activated mini features that I really enjoyed that featured Terence and Phillip, Mr. Hankey and Cartman, randomly placing wilds all over the reels!

Bonuses, Gameplay, Variance

Each of the 4 main South Park characters has a special bonus that you can trigger (by getting two bonus symbols and one of the main Character bonus symbols. Unlocking Stan’s bonus will award you with sticky wild free games. Unlocking Cartman’s game will give you cash prizes for helping him search through the bushes. Unlocking Kyle’s bonus will give you 10 free spins with random multipliers and unlocking Kenny’s will give you a hilarious chance to earn money for preventing him from getting killed.

Volatility: Low


In conclusion, I absolutely loved this game. It was funny, provided great bonus features, scatters, and wilds, and of course, featured all of the characters I love from the TV show. The only downside to this slot would be if you aren’t really familiar with the TV show, as then you might find the characters and voiceovers quite random and you won’t truly be able to appreciate the humour.

Created by Bet Osten, Senior Quality Assessor, Reviewer

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