Best Android Casinos 2018 for NZ Players

Android has increased its popularity throughout the years. Many people own an Android phone today because of how user-friendly it is and how technological and advanced it has become with time. This time we’re living in has made communication and perception easier through the Internet, and the web has merged everything people need in order to appeal to them more. Effectively, teens and adults today have developed a sense of addiction towards the Internet, and their phones, which is why many companies are starting to migrate online.

With all the changes and aspects that are drawing people to engage in browser-based sites, the Internet has had to adapt and provide safer environments for its users. Casino companies have seen these adjustments as an opportunity to create their world online, all while promising people that they’ll remain safe. Online casino websites have had great reception from users worldwide, and that’s why Android has decided to permit the download of apps for people to gamble.


If you’re one of those people that already play in online casinos, then you might find playing casino from your mobile device unnecessary. This is why they have made sure to offer an outstanding experience to every single person implementing the device. Think of it this way, you receive the same experience that your computer screen provides you, but this time you can take it with you and forget about keyboards and mouses. Two reasons why playing from your device is better than from your computer are:

  • You get to play anytime, anywhere. This is an added value because you have all the fun in your pocket and can take it with you on the go.
  • You receive the same experience than that of your computer; still, you get better graphics and this time you only need your fingertips. Fun, huh?


If people are going to choose to play on their Android phones instead of on the web, there have to be some benefits in exchange. The experience people receive online is excellent and secure, which is why they have adapted to most of it. Some of the features you’ll find in Android casinos include:

  • Safety: when you log into a site via mobile, you can be calm, knowing that Androids implements a software that allows the encryption of information and that keeps all provided information confidential.
  • Payment method-friendly: Androids accept almost all kinds of payment methods. You can implement your Visas, MasterCards, PayPal Casino or NETTELLER accounts, just as you can use prepaid methods like PaySafe cards. Read before engaging with a casino to see if your payment method is permitted in it. This way you’ll have an excellent experience.
  • Quickness: the pace at which financial movements are made in Android phones is absolutely fast and will let you access money, literally in real time.
  • Variety: They offer the same range of games, adapted to a cell phone screen. You’ll be able to find games like Roulette, Poker and Baccarat, and experiences with live dealers too.
  • Additional things: as well as in online casinos, Android apps for this purpose offer their users bonuses that work as incentives to keep them interested in the site. Keep an eye out for limited time offers that could result in winnings for you.



To find a casino that you enjoy, look for 3 things:

  1. Fast loading
  2. Games
  3. Payment methods

Everyone has a different favorite game, and each one of us is looking for various benefits. In order to find your favorite site, check that it loads fast. The Internet should provide everything fast, which means that you need to find casinos that work rapidly to avoid wasting any time. See if the casino has the games you enjoy playing and if your payment method is accepted. If you’ve found many to which all of the before mentioned things apply, look into other aspects like bonuses and customer assistance through reviews and pick the one that best suits your needs.


Regarding reviews found online about popular Android casinos that are fully licensed and accept various payment methods, the ones we’d recommend the most for a good experience are Ruby Fortune and Jackpot City. Besides the experience these casinos have, a number of games and benefits you’ll find in these websites or apps (yes, they have their own) is enormous.