Wrest Point Casino – Tasmania

What makes Tasmania’s Wrest Point Casino one of the most interesting casinos in Australia to visit, apart from the luxury hotels and divine restaurants surrounding the casino, is the fact that it was Australia’s very first casino.

History of Casino

The Wrest Point Hotel was long established by the time The Federal Group were applying for the country’s first casino license. In 1973, the new buildings residing on this beautiful piece of Tasmanian land were re-named Wrest Point Hotel Casino.

So we know it’s been around since the early 70’s, but don’t worry, along with its retro characteristic charm, the complex has been extended and refurbished in recent years and opened up a large conference center and boardwalk to add to the already impressive casino and hotel.


Naturally, you’ll find great Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat tables, as well as Rapid Roulette and of course a Money Wheel! For the Poker tables, Wrest Point Tasmania has some great deals in regards to their Poker games and tournaments. The Poker here is played on commission. 10% on pots over $20, with no commission for pots under $20. No time fees or seat charges, so it’s all rather nice and relaxed, which is a bit of the nature of the state of Tasmania itself. Only played Wednesday and Thursday from 6 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 8 pm, you’re able to book your seat on the night at the Casino Cash Desk.

Tasmania loves their electronic games! So it's highly likely you will too. This casino’s electronic games cover two large areas and you are guaranteed to find a seat on the any of the many different games and many casino bonuses. Tasmania is a lovely, and very local place, so stepping on the gaming floor you will find people from Hobart who love to have a regular drink and a turn on the machines. They and the staff are sure to welcome you to play and join the fun, promotions, jackpots, and Federal Club rewards program on offer.

What else?

Hello, home of free entertainment! The Wrest Point Hotel Casino has free live music every night of the week! Yes, you heard me – every night. Piano bar, cover bands, original singer-songwriters and duos, and bands. Naturally, they also host some huge local and international names in music and comedy on their larger stage, and they are the official home to the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

With four bars and five restaurants on offer, you’ll find whatever you are looking for. Especially if what you are looking for includes a stunning view of Mount Wellington, the Tasman Bridge and the city of Hobart. You can enjoy all this eye candy whilst you dine at the revolving restaurant. Enjoy sumptuous French cuisine, whilst you gaze at the impressive backdrop of the city. You’ll be sitting at the top of a 64-meter octagonal tower that is the tallest in Hobart and nationally identified with the ‘apple isle’ (that means Tasmania in the local talk). Bars to choose from are tailored to everyone. Just want a quick bite and a beer? -Go to the Boardwalk Snack Bar. Don’t want to leave the gaming floor? -Then the Casino Bar is right in the middle. The Birdcage Bar is the original retro classic bar from the old days, and Onyx Bar is modern, sleek and inviting, open to everyone and with a great lookout of the waterfront at any time of day or night.

But it all began with a hotel

The original Wrest Point Hotel has many suites to choose from over three hotels in the complex, Motor Inn, Water Edge, and The Tower. Included are all the perks like undercover parking, health club and gym, a sauna and spa and heated pool. The very first hotel that was built on this site was the West Point Riviera Hotel in 1939. It was sold in the 50’s to Federal Hotels and they kick-started not only the rise of legal gambling in Casinos all over Australia, (there are now 13 major casinos in the country) but created a tourism boom for Tasmania that has helped the state make even more of a name for itself. This action also encouraged the Federal Hotels group to open the Country Club Casino in Tasmania’s other major town of Launceston.

So if you are in Tasmania and are looking for a game or two, why not take a leisurely visit to the Wrest Point Casino Hotel. You’ll be surrounded by some classic nostalgia mixed with a contemporary groove, and a bunch of very friendly faces.