What Your Wine Choice Says About Your Personality

A common question during night outs or dinner outings is whether to have red or white wine. Every person has a preferred variety of drink. The type of wine that someone drinks can say a lot about his or her personality. Since human beings are complicated and mysterious creatures, they deserve a drink that suits them.

Below is a look at what your wine choice says about your personality.

White Zinfandel

An ideal choice for online casino gambler. Since this wine has high alcohol content, it is ideal for those who live life to the fullest. A person who chooses White Zinfandel is a free spirit and adventurous soul. He or she enjoys lying on the beach during the day and dancing the night out under club lights. Such an individual is usually quite versatile, is always willing to take part in an adventure, and is inclined towards passionate liaisons.


For anyone who chooses Chardonnay, chances are that he or she has a brassy and bold personality, just like its flavor. Such a person orders it wine without even looking at other types because they know it is a safe choice. The chameleon is his or her spirit animal as it is possible to adapt to virtually any social situation. The person is always imagining new ideas and can convince friends to join him or her in any activity.


People who drink Merlot often think deeply about life and tend to reflect about it in between sips. The ideal way of spending a Friday night for such an individual is reading a good book while sipping some tea. At times, the person goes through old pictures on the phone or in photo albums just to relive old memories.

Wine Cooler

For a person whose choice of drink is a wine, he or she probably never experimented with good wine previously. Another likely scenario is that the individual still lives at home and tends to steal’ his or her parents’ wine coolers from. While these wines may be the person’s specialty, for now, it is advisable to try out other types in order to up the game.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is the choice of clever and charming but complicated people. These are the type of individuals who, if granted a single wish, they would most likely ask for additional wishes. They follow their instincts and wouldn’t hesitate to splurge money so that they can have a good time.


Shiraz is for a person who happens to be the life of the party. Such a person has no qualms throwing caution to the wind and dancing on top of tables. He or she is a genuine free spirit who always tries new things without putting into consideration the consequences, and can handle anything that life throws at him or her.


People who take Riesling are nice and friendly people. Although they are genuine individuals, others find it difficult seeing through the pleasant visage to observe the real them. A person who chooses this wine offers great advice and is always the first to help a friend in trouble. He or she loves listening to friends and supporting them.