Software: Microgaming Slot Type: BlackJack Bonus Game: Yes
Paylines: 1 Jackpot: 750 Progressive: No
Reels: 5 RTP: 97,075 Free Spins: Yes

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Microgaming variation of Blackjack Super Fun 21 is a real fun. Game is played using all 52 deck of cards. Game is all about your bet and dealers hits. Aces are determined by two, they can be either one or eleven as per the benefits of the player. You bet with two cards face up, and then dealer also dealt two cards, with one face up and one down. Your hand should hit near to 21. A winning hand of total 21 is known as blackjack. Microgames are UK based developers, who believe to create and give best gaming experience than ever to their users.

As of all blackjack microgames variants which are available in both single and multi – hand versions, Super Fun 21 is only a single – hand game. The game is different from others because players immediately wins if his/her hand has six cards or total of 20.
Gaming Super Fun 21 in an online casino is itself fun because not like other games of blackjack, it has some very exciting rules which transform your enjoyment double.

Important rules:

Main hit is 21 called Blackjack, which always wins
If both you and dealer hits 21, results favor your winning
Dealer common hits off 17
Double splitting for player
Re – split aces
Splitting and Re – splitting can be done up to continuous four hands.
Split – Aces can be hit or double down anytime
20 or 6 cards in hands make automatically win
21 blackjack and diamonds suits is big win with payout 2.1
If you have low hand cards then blackjack 21 can be hit with five cards, so cards with high end has always high chance to hit blackjack – more chance to win.
The game is designed with very good graphics and click buttons for the easy deal. In the image you can see options of click buttons like Deal, Stand, Split, Double, Surrender. While playing if you see dealers two or more than two card up face, then to double down the hand of nine is best for you to make the game winner. Surrender is must for not losing too much when you see dealers hit with 17 with an ace. There is no chance for you to continue. You have lost the game.

Extra Bonuses:

The last limit for betting over Super Fun 21 is 1000 credits. When you hits Blackjack of 21, the dealers fail even if he is hitting 17. This brings the bonus features with extra and better payouts. It also increase the winning chances and amounts.

Two diamond suits called diamond blackjack, your payout goes 3.2 to 2.1
Six cards in hand with total 20 or less, is automatic win.
Blackjack 21, bonus is 2.1is total is with 6 or more cards in hand.
Online Casino Gaming are trending very much, as it gives the exact feel of real casino with a chance of earning real cash by sitting at your home or any place. Super Fun 21 is exact game featuring all that benefits and looks that card lovers love to play. Easy way to earn online a real cash money. HAVE A GREAT GAME, REGARDS.

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