Responsible Gaming Policy of NZ Online Casinos

The nz online casino industry provides a lot of entertainment and there are some players from New Zealand who actually manage to make money too. However, we all know that gambling is never only about fun and games.

Some people actually get addicted to it and this is a condition that could ruin your life. The financial losses are one of the most obvious consequences, but there are also other problems like losing your job and your family. It happens to players from all over the globe and New Zealand is not an exception.

This is why most of the respected regulators require each online casino on the market to offer the so-called Responsible Gaming Policy. It’s designed to help people who suffer from a gambling addiction in multiple ways.

Responsible Gaming Policy in NZ Online Casinos

If you are among them, here are the tools you can use to tackle your problem:

Gambling Addiction Tests

The first step is to recognize you might have a gambling issue. If you’re feeling anxiety, a strong desire to play when you’re working or doing something else, or lose money you can’t afford on a regular basis, it’s time to take a look in the mirror.

Chances are, you are addicted to gambling and this is a major problem. Even if you think that’s not the case, you certainly should check that. Most online casinos that work with Kiwis offer links to various tests that will help you understand if you have an issue with gambling.

We strongly recommend you to go through one of them if you have even the slightest suspicion that you’re addicted. Such tests usually take only a couple of minutes and are the first step in the process of handling gambling addictions.

If the results show a problem, it’s time to start working hard to limit the damage of your condition and handle it.

Account Limitations and Closure

The first step would be to actually manage the short-term consequences of your addiction. Simply put, you don’t want to keep losing money and end up broke and homeless. Fortunately, the Responsible Gaming policy of each casino that works with New Zealand allows you to set certain limitations to your account.

For example, you can determine a maximum amount you could deposit on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This will help you control your potential losses. Usually, lowering the limits is instant and only takes a chat with the support or filling in a short form.

At the same time, raising them is much more complicated. You can request a higher limit, but there is a cool down period of at least 24 hours or even a week. When it’s over, the casino will ask you again if you want to raise the limits. The whole procedure is set up to prevent you from making decisions that are out of your control. Make sure to take full advantage if you are addicted to gambling.

Finally, most online gambling operators also give you the chance to completely block your account. This way you won’t be able to deposit more money or play. If the casino is part of a larger group that owns more than one platform, you are usually excluded from all of them. It’s a good way to prevent players from ruining their lives.

Further Help for Addicts

Simply limiting or even removing your account in a certain online casino might work in the short, but it doesn’t solve the bigger problem. This is why each gambling operator with a proper Responsible Gaming Policy will provide links to organizations that can help each player from New Zealand find assistance.

These are usually non-profit websites and companies that are designed to help gambling addicts. They will teach you various techniques to cope with your problem, the coordinates of psychologists that can help, and the mentorship of former addicts that are now clean.

Don’t hesitate to visit the websites of such organization and take full advantage of what they have to offer. Most of them work with people from New Zealand and you could end up saving your life.

Other Aspects Of Responsible Gaming

The main target of Responsible Gaming policies is to help people with a gambling addiction. However, there are other goals too. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Underage gambling

Obviously, the laws of pretty much any country, New Zealand, forbid minors from gambling. The online casinos are strict in this regard too. While an underage person might somehow manage to open a new account by filling in false information, there are a lot of Responsible Gaming mechanism that will prevent him from actually playing with real money.

For example, he will be asked to verify the address and identity used during the registration process. Furthermore, he will have to provide a valid payment method which is not that easy when you’re a minor.


There are cases where fraudulent people are trying to use the data and payment options of another person to open a new casino account. Thanks to the vigorous Know Your Customer procedures applied by the online gambling operators, this is not that easy.

So, next time you believe the KYC procedure is super boring, remember it’s designed to protect you and other players from New Zealand and all over the globe.

Final Words

You should always stick to online casinos that have a solid Responsible Gaming policy. Fortunately, if an operator is licensed by a respected regulator, it’s required to provide the services described above and you will have them at your disposal.

Still, the gambling commissions and the casinos can do only so much. It’s up to you to take full advantage of the measures and make sure to cope with your gambling addiction. Never underestimate the problem, cause it has lead to tragic consequences in the lives of tons of people from New Zealand and other countries. Don’t become one of them or you risk losing everything you love and value.