Online Casino Tournaments: Tips and Strategies for New Zealand and Australian Players

Online Casino Tournaments

If you are a big casino fan and have a competitive spirit, we have something that might interest you. There is a large number of solid NZ casino sites that offer thousands of pokie titles with high RTP, multipliers, bonus rounds and impressive cash rewards. However, playing your favorite games over and over again can be boring. Even if you don’t hit a jackpot, the excitement of winning 20 NZD, 50 NZD, 100 NZD or even more may not be satisfying enough. This is when tournaments come in handy!

Well, we introduced you to what tournaments are, and it is now time to talk about how to play slot tournaments and win. In this article, we are dedicated to guiding you on tournaments tailored to New Zealand and Australian markets, giving you tips on playing and winning, and telling you about different types of online casino competitions you can come across at local gambling sites.

Best Casino Tournaments: List from Experts

Let’s take a squiz at the best tournaments you can join right now and feel the adrenaline rush!

Winshark Casino
First deposit 100% (up to NZ$ 250) + 100 Free Spins
Rating: 96 of 100
Pragmatic Play
Play Now Read review

National Casino
100% up to NZ$500 + 100 Free Spins
Rating: 82 of 100
Pragmatic Play
Real Time Gaming
Play Now Read review

Bizzo Casino
100% to NZ$100 + 100 FS for Dig Dig Digger/Mechanical Clover pokie
Rating: 70 of 100
Pragmatic Play
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Winshark Casino Tournaments

Currently, Winshark Casino in New Zealand carries two amazing events:

Mega Summer Drops By BGaming with a prize pool of €100 000

The tournament ends on August 31, 2024, at 23:59 UTC, so you still have time to show your skills and fight for a generous cash prize. No tournament codes are required! Some tournament slots are Lucky Dragon Chicken Rush, Panda Luck, Aztec Clusters, and Wild Heart.

To participate, you should join in any of the promotion games and make at least one spin. Any bet placed on any eligible game may result in a maximum of one random prize from the prize pool during the promotion period.

Drops&Wins Slots with a prize pool of €2 000 000

You still have a chance to try your luck as the tournament ends on March 5, 2025 at 18:59 UTC. Some of the participating tournament slots are Games are Wolf Gold, Mustang Gold, Sweet Bonanza, John Hunter and the Tomb of the Scarab Queen, and Great Rhino Megaways.

To join the casino tournament, play with real money and make qualifying bets on any of the participating games. Prize drops will be rewarded randomly to players. Head to the Winshark casino site to read tournament terms and do not hesitate to ask customer support for clarification.

Winshark Casino Tournament Mega Summer Drops

Winshark Casino Tournament Mega Summer Drops

National Casino Tournaments

Another NZ casino site that invites Kiwi players to try their luck and compete for cash prizes is National Casino.

Sonic Treasure Race with a prize pool of €150 + 300 Free spins

To participate, make a bet from €2 or more (or the equivalent in another currency) are considered in this tournament. For every €1 (or the equivalent in another currency) in bets you will earn 1 leaderboard point. Race results will be displayed in real time and the participants will get cash prizes after each round of the race.

Flash Treasure Race with a prize pool of €100 + 300 Free spins

To join this competition, you need to place a bet as low as €0.5 and a maximum of €1.99 (or the equivalent in another currency). Note that table games and live dealer games do not contribute towards results. For every €1 deposit you make (or the equivalent in another currency), you get 1 leaderboard point. Race results will be displayed in real-time, and the prizes will be distributed after each round of the race.

Rapid Treasure Race with a prize pool of €50 + 300 Free spins

The rules of this tournament are even more attractive since players can join it by placing a bet as low as €0.1 and a maximum of €0.49 (or equivalent in another currency). Table games and live dealer games do not count towards the race results. Every €1 deposit you make adds 1 leaderboard point. Race results will be displayed in real time, and the prize pool will be distributed after each round of the race.

Queens Table Battle with a prize pool of €1500

Make at least one deposit to join the event. Only table games with live dealers participate in the tournament. Every €1 bet will get you 1 leaderboard point, and the more bets you make, the higher your name will appear on the leaderboard. Prize money will be paid automatically after each round of the race, and each race lasts 3 days. Note that the winnings are subject to x10 wagering requirements, which you have to meet within seven days.

Bizzo Casino Tournaments

Finally, we would like to tell you about several tournaments that a top-rated Bizzo casino holds.

Cyclone Bizzo Rally with a prize pool of €150 + 300 Free spins

The event accepts participants who placed €2 in bets or more (or the equivalent in another currency), and no tournament codes are needed. You can only play slots as table games, and live dealer games do not count towards the race results). Every €1 (or the equivalent in another currency) in bets will get you 1 leaderboard point. The race results will be displayed in real-time, and the prizes will be awarded after each round of the race.

Lightning Bizzo Rally with a prize pool of €100 + 300 Free spins

Only bets from €0.5 to €1.99 (or the equivalent in another currency) are considered in this tournament. Winnings from table games and live dealer games do not contribute towards the race results). Every €1 (or the equivalent in another currency) in bets will give you 1 leaderboard point. The race results will be displayed in real-time, and prizes will be awarded after each round of the race.

Blitz Bizzo Rally with a prize pool of €50 + 300 Free spins

This one is almost a free tournament casino since it accepts bets as low as €0.1 and a maximum of €0.49 (or equivalent in another currency). In this event, only slots count towards the end results. When you make a €1 deposit, you get 1 leaderboard point. The race results are displayed in real time, and the prize pool will be distributed after each round of the race.

Luxury Table Battle with a prize pool of €1000

Finally, it is a competition that accepts all players who made at least one deposit. Play hot table and live dealer games to fight for a generous real money prize. The winnings you manage to get are subject to the x10 wagering requirement of X10, which you have to meet over the next 7 days.

What are Casino Tournaments?

A casino tournament is an event that allows players to compete for real cash prizes by playing particular online casino game titles over a certain period of time. Such tournament competitions may last a few days or even a few weeks, during which players show their skills, try their luck, and compete against each other, trying to get as many points.

What are Casino Tournaments

Every time you win, the leaderboard updates. The luckiest players’ names will then be placed on a leaderboard. You have probably seen a list of players’ names on a New Zealand casino site before. So, participation in a casino tournament is your chance to get your name on a leaderboard and receive some generous prizes.

However, it is not only slots that participate in tournaments. Players from New Zealand and Australia can play top-rated pokies, poker, and blackjack. You just have to find a competition that fits your skills and preferences. Let’s not forget that every online casino tournament has a set of unique rules: deposit requirement, validity, casino tournament real money prize pool, and other terms that we will discuss in this article.

Some gamblers still play pokies and join tournaments at land-based casinos. For some, the thrill and social engagements that physical venues offer bring more excitement. However, online casinos have done everything they could to make players enjoy the whole experience and feel the competitive atmosphere from the comfort of their homes. If you are not willing to travel to a land-based casino, you will not lose much. The events that we are going to talk about today should satisfy your hunger for competition and adrenaline even from your sofa.

Benefits of Joining Casino Tournaments

There are a host of reasons that joining a casino tournament is what you will love. Participation in such an event offers many advantages, including financial gain and psychological perks. What makes casino competitions such a favorite of many casino enthusiasts is the entertainment value. The excitement and adrenaline that tournament play brings adds another dimension to casino gaming. Below are some benefits that casino players get when they join tournaments.

Lower Risk

There are generally fixed buy-ins when it comes to casino tournaments, which means players understand how much they will spend on one event. This is completely different to normal gambling where losses can add up quickly. You can play longer compared to regular casino gaming with a fixed buy-in. Some casino tournaments offer low buy-ins and even free entry. This is fantastic for low-budget players, making it accessible to every type of Kiwi player.

High Rewards

Cash prizes are a huge reason for many casino gamblers to try their luck with casino tournaments. The cash prizes you can gain by winning casino tournaments can be significantly larger than normal gaming sessions. It is not only cash prizes that tournaments can offer lucky players but there are also free spin rewards and bonus chips that can be won, too.

Skill Based Competition

Tournaments are an excellent way to test your skills in a competitive, social setting. Tournaments offer players a fair playing field, with everyone starting with the same amount of chips. The strategy and skill you implement in casino tournaments determine how successful you will be. This is different from other casino gaming, which can come down to a lot of luck.

Pride and Prestige

By winning a slot or poker tournament, you get an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. Many tournaments feature leaderboards, offering gamblers the chance to see how they stack up against their rivals. Competitions carried out by casinos in New Zealand and Australia can undoubtedly earn you recognition and make you feel good about yourself.

Types of Casino Tournaments

There are many different casino tournaments that you can join for a small fee or even free. It all depends on the casino site in NZ and tournament rules. Let’s take a quick squiz at popular types of casino game competitions.

Scheduled Tournaments

This type of casino tournament has a scheduled start time and a duration, meaning it will end after a specific amount of hours. The fixed start time is the time players must be ready to begin the tournament. There will be a set duration, after which the winner will be determined. You will find these types of tournaments have a structured format with round levels progressing at scheduled intervals.

Buy-In Tournaments

At this type of online casino tournament, participants must pay an entry fee if they want to participate in this type of casino tournament. The fee from every player will contribute to the prize pool. With this type of tournament, players get value for money as the entry fee will usually include a certain amount of chips and credits to play with. High prize pools can lead to large winnings, and such tournaments attract serious, dedicated, skilled gamblers.

Freeroll Tournaments

Freeroll tournaments are totally free to enter and often work as promotions to bring in new players or give a chance to win real money to existing customers. There is no entry fee with freeroll tournaments, so the prize funds can be low; they are certainly lower than buy-in tournaments. The great advantage of this type of tournament is it is risk-free. Freeroll casino tournaments are a fantastic way for beginners to experience tournament play.

Sit & Go Tournaments

These casino events start when a predetermined number of players have registered to play. There is a flexible start time, as the tournament will only begin once the required number of participants has been met. They come in different-sized tournaments, which can be small, with only single-table tournaments, or multi-table events. The action is played a lot faster compared to scheduled tournaments. The convenience of a Sit & Go tournament is what attracts many players.

Rebuy/ Re-entry Tournaments

In this case, Kiwi players are able to purchase additional chips or re-enter the tournament after being eliminated. During a rebuy period, players are able to buy more chips if they lose their additional stack. Those gamblers who have been eliminated can re-enter if they pay the same buy-in fee again. With the additional buy-ins and re-entries, the prize pool can significantly increase.

Guaranteed Prize Pool

These types of events offer players a minimum prize pool regardless of the number of entrants. There is certainty for every player who participates in this type of tournament. The NZ casino site that carries a tournament like this will cover any buy-ins that do not cover the guaranteed amount. Often, these tournaments attract a lot of players because of the guaranteed prize.

Game Specific

These are tournaments focused on specific casino games like blackjack, poker, roulette, etc. Such events have specific rules and formats related to each game. If you are interested, you need to be confident you know a game’s rules and have winning strategies under your belt.

  • Blackjack tournaments offer casino enthusiasts the opportunity to compete to win the most chips over several hands or rounds.
  • Poker tournaments use formats like freezeouts, rebuys, and knockout.
  • Slot tournaments are won when players score the highest or grab the largest winnings within a specific time frame.

Strategies and Tips for Winning Casino Tournaments

If you are here to win real money, you might need to hear some advice. We gathered the tips that work almost every time and allow players to feel more confident. Take a look at them.

  • Bankroll Management: Understand what amount you can bet and lose without breaking your bank. When you have a plan regarding your budget, you have less stress and more focus on your gameplay. Make sure you stick to your budget and are disciplined with it. Allocate a portion of your bankroll to each tournament to avoid financial harm. Never chase your losses.
  • Game Selection: Make sure you play the game you are knowledgeable in, as this increases your winning chances. The more you practice your skills, the better you will become. Only play the variant of the game you understand fully. The more you concentrate on one game, the more you will win.
  • Study the Rules: It is critical to study the rules of the games so you will not make many mistakes this way. While pokies are games of chance, you can't enter an online casino tournament that has card games like poker, blackjack, or baccarat without a strategy. Not only do you need to know how to play games but you also need to understand the tournament's rules: the entry fee, duration, and prizes offered.
  • Manage Your Time: By focusing on time management, your tournament performance will greatly improve. When you manage your time well, you will avoid fatigue and be sharper against your opponents. Set a schedule, as it will help you plan your day. Ensure you are well rested before you play a tournament.
  • Use Casino Bonuses and Promotions: Any time you take advantage of casino promotions, you will get more funds for buy-ins. When you benefit from extra funds, you will feel satisfied, and it gives you a sense of well-being. By checking the casino's promotions on a regular basis, you will never miss out. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before claiming any bonus, including minimum deposit, playthrough, validity, eligible games, etc. Note that bonus terms are usually in small print, so take time to read through them carefully.
  • Manage Emotions: It is important to always manage your emotions when you take part in a tournament. You will see positive results if you can maintain concentration and focus when involved in intense gameplay. Watching your breathing will help you stay calm under pressure. Take breaks to relax and reset. A positive mindset makes all the difference when you want to be a winner.
  • Practice and Develop Skills: The more you practice, the better you become, and that is certainly the case with casino games and tournaments. Study different strategies from experts in the industry to learn new things. You can simulate tournament play with friends to get a feel for the experience before taking part in a real tournament.

How to Find and Join Casino Tournaments

The quality of competitions, whether it is a free tournament casino or a tournament that you can join for a fee, only depends on the quality of a casino site. We know you now have a big question: “What NZ casino should I choose then?” Luckily, you have come to the right page. We do not just explain how tournaments work, how to win them, and whether you need tournament codes but actually guide you on casino tournament real money platforms that constantly carry entertaining events with impressive cash prizes for players from New Zealand and Australia.

How to Find and Join Online Casino Tournaments

On our platform, you will find a list of casino sites that we tested for:

  • License and security;
  • Selection of games;
  • Promotions and fairness;
  • Mobile access;
  • Customer support;
  • Payment methods;
  • Withdrawal speed.

Once you choose a casino site that carries a tournament, start by checking its schedule. Find the start and end date so you can make sure you have enough time to participate. Scheduled competitions are the most popular, but also they are the most convenient since they allow players to play their time even if a tournament continues for a month.

Make sure you understand the registration process. If you are already a member of a casino site that carries a tournament, you will not have to provide any details. If you are not a member of a casino, complete registration by providing your name, email, phone number, and address. If it is a fee-entry competition, choose the suitable option and pay for participation.

If you are 18, you should be fine joining casino tournaments in New Zealand and Australia since the legal gambling age in these countries is 18. To prove your age, you may be required to submit ID documents upon registration.

Summing up

Final thoughts casinoslots

The potential rewards and excitement you can get from a slot, live dealer game, or poker tournament are worth participating in. With such a wide range of competitions that you can join from the comfort of your home, you are just one step away from filling your pockets with cash prizes.

For the best experience, choose reputable casino platforms (or just take a quick look at the list of gambling sites we recommend) and give it a try. As with any gambling activity, we encourage you to play responsibly: choose a free tournament instead of rebuy competition to protect your money.