Japanese Robots Replace Croupiers and bartenders in Las Vegas Casino

Las Vegas Casino's croupiers and bartenders are being replaced by robots. Japan being the leader in the manufacture of robots has worked relentlessly to create machines that are able to outdo human performance while saving on labor cost. The robots, which are now being modeled in the shape of human body, are taking the hospitality industry to another level.

While it may have appeared far from happening, the reality has finally dawned on croupiers and bartenders in Las Vegas Casinos has already acquired one Sand's Venetian casino in Las Vegas has led the way ahead by introducing a robot SDA10F. The device which is created in resemblance of a human is operating on artificial intelligence. It is operated by use of a remote control. It will be performing all duties of a human being which include dealing cards and paying winners. It is able to detect gender, age, emotions and recognize individuals by voices. Although they don't give a response to behaviors, they are programmed to work the way a human being does.

Together with a product-oriented robot, a human-oriented bartender robot can make and serve a drink to a client in accordance with their order specifications. Orders are issued through tablets that are detected by the robot via a wireless connection. This will eliminate the services of several attendants whereby you have a whole lot of bartenders moving around to serve customers. The robot's arms are controlled by gestures whereby they move like as if to dance when performing duties. Amazingly, it can respond to some questions and in the case of a need to charge, it is able to take itself for charging. It is awesome to find a machine behaving like a human being and moreover outdoing their capacities in terms of productivity and effectiveness.

The Functionalities of Robots

  • Welcoming customers;
  • Cleaning their hands;
  • Receiving payment from customers and issue receipts;
  • Carrying luggage to designated places;
  • Taking clothes and towels to the laundry;
  • Cleaning rooms with an automated vacuum cleaner;
  • Serving customers with food and drinks;
  • Cleaning utensils;
  • Detect room temperatures and adjust so that there will be no need for air conditioners.

Pros and Cons of Robots in Casinos

Advantages of robots

  • Doing repetitive tasks without getting tired;
  • Working for long hours without human intervention;
  • They save on labor costs and save money for casino bonuses. While wages for casino workers are way too high in the U.S compared to other places, robots cut this cost by a considerable percentage;
  • It doesn't have negative emotions like people would disagree and start fighting;
  • Reduction of human error and elimination of waste like in a situation where a bartender has a client who is fond of giving them tips, they tend to pour an extra drink to please them;
  • Unlike the human croupiers and bartenders, the robots have no sick off. As long as it is in good condition, the robot will give you maximum service;
  • A robot has no annual leaves. It works throughout its entire shelf life and this adds to productivity;
  • The presence of a robot will attract more people to the casino which will give the owner a competitive advantage;
  • Integrity and order are maintained because the robot only relies on the given instructions.

Disadvantages of Robots

  • Lack of social interaction — humans are social beings. They like chatting the day away as they buy drinks for each other. Robots are not able to detect their behavior and activities which can be boring therefore this will not encourage many buyers;
  • The inability to discuss contentious issues for instance if the customer is dissatisfied with a certain service;
  • The inability to respond to gestures such as a smile;
  • In a case of a technical breakdown, the business will have to halt until it is corrected.

The future of robots in casino industry

The future of casino robots is bright. The cost of robots is going down and there is hope that they will be getting more affordable. It will be more cost effective to acquire a robot than to employ human workforce. Casino's croupiers and bartenders will definitely be replaced by robots. This will reduce expenses among them labor cost while accumulating profits. On the other hand, an introduction of robot croupiers will lead to many people losing their jobs as a robot will be able to perform those duties. It will also have the impact of online casinos because it would mean a more competitive ground as the digital transformation will provide a uniform business platform. In addition, there will be the reduction of dealers being banned by the U.S gambling jurisdiction as the robots will maintain order in the game. The industry looks forward to advanced robots which will be able to detect dealt cards, congratulate winners and respond to human behavior that is exhibited during a gaming session.

Nevertheless, croupiers and bartenders still hope that the warmth of human interactions cannot be totally replaced by any machine. Even if online pokies will reduce, it will not happen all at once. In addition, some services like operating switching on the robot to functionality still need a human hand. Likewise, the robots overall performance needs to have a human being around so as to notice any functional failure.

In conclusion, the introduction of artificial intelligence is a big stride forward in the casino industry. Jobs such as this that do not require human thinking should be automated. Despite the few disadvantages, the benefits of robot croupiers and bartenders are many. Industries should follow suit as the technology advances. The anxiety of people losing jobs cannot be a hindrance because every entrepreneur anticipates maximum profit from their venture. However, there is a need for orientation. Imagine if you left your favorite Casino in the evening and then the following day or week you are met by a robot. Where would you start from? Even there was prior notice that such a gadget would be there at that particular time, still, you will require a manual describing how to relate with the robot.