Egypt for Gamblers

Imagine being able to explore pyramids and ancient cathedrals during the day, and then playing a leisurely (or high-stakes) game or two at night. Egypt seems like an unconventional gambling destination, but it is one that serious players are not to miss: you will feel like you have not just stepped into another era, but into another world.

The establishments are located primarily in hotels so that you have the option to sleep where you play. Additionally, many of them are open 24-hours so that you have the freedom to play a game before your trip to the Pyramids of Giza or after a long day exploring the Khan el-Khalili market souk.

Places to Gamble and Sleep

Caesar’s Cairo: This 24-hour establishment is one of the most prestigious in all of Egypt and can satisfy your game at any time of day or night. Located in the Four Seasons First Residence Hotel in Giza, this casino features roulette, Blackjack Block, several kinds of poker, and a variety of slot machines, except for free online pokies nz.

Omar Khayyam Casino: Located in Zamalek, one of Cairo’s most elite neighborhoods, this 24-hour casino specializes in video poker and table games such as American Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker. The casino is inside the Cairo Marriott Hotel, which plays host to several of Zamalek’s best bars and restaurants.

Casino Barrière El Gezirah: For an elite gambling experience, look no further than this high-end casino, located in the upscale Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah Hotel. It features live table games like 27 Touch-bet Roulette, American Roulette tables, Blackjack, Stud Poker, Hold'em Poker, and video machines.


Check off some big bucket-list items you have while in Egypt. You will feel like a classic explorer during the day, and like royalty when you head out to the casinos at night.

Ride a camel at the Pyramids of Giza: Finally seeing the Pyramids is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Make the most of it by hiring a camel to trek from the biggest structure, the Great Pyramid of Giza, to the feline Sphinx on the edge of the Sahara Desert.


Explore the Khan el-Khalili market souk: Grab a bottle of water and keep your wits about you, this market place is not for the faint of heart. This labyrinth of handicraft stores and tapestries is a dizzying but addictive experience for the adventurous traveler. Have a cup of Turkish coffee after buying gifts for your friends and family and then go see the nearby Al-Azhar Mosque. For a unique experience, visit the market at night when a thousand lanterns light the place up in an array of different colors and shapes.

Step inside the Cairo Citadel: This medieval Islamic structure is one of the most iconic symbols of Cairo, and one not to be missed on your journey to Egypt. Spend the morning exploring the three different mosques located inside the fort before heading up Mokattam Hill for lunch. The Virginian, an outdoor bar and restaurant, boasts one of the best views in Cairo with its terrace overlooking the entire city.


Take a tour through the City of the Dead: Located below Mokattam Hill lies one of Cairo’s most unique experiences; a walk through an actual necropolis where a community lives amongst the tombs of their ancestors. Here the living and dead live together in close quarters, oftentimes the sharing the tombs as residences and final resting places. Several historic tours run through the neighborhood which features many prominent shrines and tombs.


Visit the acclaimed Egyptian Museum: No trip to Cairo would be complete without an afternoon spent wandering through Ancient Egypt’s best artifacts like King Tut’s tomb and other riches left behind by former pharaohs. The museum is located in Downtown’s Tahir Square, the site of the recent 2011 Revolution. Be sure to take a short walk after your time at the museum to witness some of the Revolution’s best street art, which is said to be removed within the next few years.

Eat Like an Egyptian

Before a game or while out exploring Cairo, be sure to try some of Egypt’s best cuisine.


Koshary: This is Egypt’s national dish. It is a mix of pasta, lentils, rice, and chickpeas topped with tomato sauce and fried onions. A perfect dish to sample before spending the night at the bars and casinos.

Stuffed Pigeon: You will not be sorry for having tried this small grilled bird, bursting with rice and traditional spices. It tastes better than chicken and is a beloved dish in Egypt.

Moloheya: This chopped and boiled okra dish is a soupy mixture complete with garlic and spices. Try this with white rice and crispy roasted chicken.


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