Drinking Card Games

Drinking Card Games are typically for a Saturday night hangout with friends. It is fun and it is a nice pick for an icebreaker fun. It will ease out any awkwardness in every party or gathering. It also creates a great bonding moment between you and your friends. This is best played when in groups or in any big social gathering.

Best drinking card games for your party

Straightforward and engaging, drinking card games are enjoyable to play with your friends. These drinking card games can transform a customary night into an exceptional night. A major part of these games doesn't require a great deal of checking and arranging. It is easy to play and easy to understand the rule of the games. Check out these games which will be exciting for you and your friends.

High or Low

This Drinking Card Game is played with a full deck of cards. The main player has managed a card and needs to figure whether it's high or low. He will guess again, once he guessed the first correctly. After answering at least three cards, the player may choose whether he will pass or he will continue guessing. If he guesses it wrong, he has to take the drink for each card that shows and will end his turn. The purpose is to collect a lot of cards and then pass the cards onto the succeeding player.

Red Or Black

This game requires a dealer. This diversion is best when more than six individuals are playing. The dealer goes to his or her privilege. The principal individual suppositions red or dark, however, if they are right they may give a toast any individual at the table. On the contrary, if they are incorrect, they will take a drink. In the event that they guess three times already, they get the opportunity to rule. As the game proceeds everybody observes each other and if any rule is broken, that individual must take a drink. The game ends when the main individual got totally drunk.

Other rules to consider are: These words are not allowed: drink, drank or smashed, Everyone must tap their glass on the table three times when they set their glass down, No elbows on the table, No one is allowed to say the word "turn", No swearing and everyone must be called by their last names. Sounds really fun. Friends are always called by first names but when it comes to calling them by their last names. That will start a new fun.

Drug Dealer

A simple and straight game with minimal rules. This is a game to play while doing different things at a gathering. To play this typical game, each member has to have one card. You generally require one King and one Ace, and an assortment of numbered cards some low, some mid, some high, yet only one card for every player. All cards should be facing down. All will take a pick. The member who gets the King is the cop, the person who gets the ace will be the drug dealer and others will be bystanders.

The drug dealer's job is to wink every member of the game. After he said that "the deal has been made", then the cop will try to identify who the drug dealer is. The cop will choose the drug dealer. If the cop is wrong, the cop will drink based on the number shown on the card. However, if the cop chooses correctly, the drug dealer will drink the remaining number of cards, not just the total numbers on the cards but the remaining number of cards. Then the cards will be redealt and the game starts again.

This drinking card game is for people who don't even want to play a game because the game is easy to be learned and fun to learn. It is best played in circle and groups are bringing closer and not scattered around the room. To put more fun in the game, play with high numbered cards. This will make the lost player drinks more and group will definitely have more fun.


This Drinking Card Game can be played with a deck of cards or with 2 decks. This game needs a large drink empty glass and a large drink for every player.

This Drinking Card Game goes best with 6 or more players. An empty glass will be placed in the middle of the playing area. The cards can be spread on the playing area or can be picked at one time from the shuffled deck. All cards should be picked at one at a time going clockwise.

Every card has a special job included in it. An ace of any color category, a player picks and everybody has to say a specific name for that category. 2 - 6 of red means player will take the number of drinks. 2 - 6 of black means player will give the number of drinks, 7s requires a truth or dare, 8s a player will say I never.. and anyone who has done it will drink, 9s means a player will say a word and everyone have to say something that will rhyme that word and the one who will mess up will drink, 10s means social and everyone has to drink, Js means the player on the card drawer's right has to drink, Qs means Question game... a player has to ask a question to someone and likewise will ask question back to the player, then the person who will screw up will drink, Ks means for the first 3 kings, the player will pour their drink into the large empty glass. Once the fourth king is out, the game will be over and the person who drew it has to drink all of what's in the large glass.

The most popular versions of a drinking game are the card game. As long as you have your choice of drink, players who want to play and a deck of cards, then you are ready to set up the party. There are different drinking games that are well known among players. Huge numbers of these games have funny names like Poker, Asshole, Pyramid, Rude the Bus, and Kings.

Drinking Card Games have been played since then. Despite the fact that it isn't another idea for liquor, the fun icebreakers have been around for a long while. It isn't a new concept to play these drinking card games in every party that you are going to attend to. So next time, you can start to drive a party wild by initiating some of these Drinking Card Games. It will obviously give you and your friends a totally fun time. With the easy rules to understand, everyone will surely participate the fun. So bring it on.