Casino Etiquette Around the World: a Road to Success

Casinos are undoubtedly one of the most addictive places human brain has ever created. From the very past, Casinos are there in existence and hence some are nothing less than historic places. As there is lots of gambling and alcoholism involved, different casinos have framed different rules for themselves. Hence, casino etiquette comes into the picture and is more important than you can imagine. Even if you win thousands of dollars, etiquette portrays the better picture of you. A person without casino etiquette can become subject to some serious embarrassment and hatred.

Rules of Casino Etiquette

The magic of Hands: Certain games in casino requires the use of hands rather than just voice. For example, if you are playing free online Blackjack, you need to know what different hand signals mean. These signals are relatively simple, but requires a bit of experience and knowledge, like in casino online pokies. You need to know whether the cards are facing up or down. When the cards are up, “hit” is shown by tapping the table while if the cards are down, it is shown by using your cards.


Cards and whisky
Limit To Alcohol: You need to understand there is a huge gap between movies and reality. You are no James Bond who can sip drink one after the other. A real man is not the one who drinks a lot, but the one who carries himself smoothly after drinking. A few drinks are sufficient for a great casino experience. Casinos also employ tricks to tempt their customers to drink more so that they will more carelessly. Don't get tempted and stay away from such filthy tricks. The biggest embarrassment for any player would be to vomit after drinking. Discontinue drinking as soon as you start getting the effects of drinks.

Smoking: It really looks classy when actors smoke cigars while placing their bets in the casino. Most casinos have restrictions on smoking in specific areas while many allow smoking in all regions. It's highly recommended to show some sympathy to people who don't smoke. Don't forget to completely put off the ignition when you are done with your smoking.

Hefty Tip: Paying a reasonable tip to concerned people is regarded as a courteous behavior. Always pay a tip to the person parking your or the dealer dealing your cards. These people depend mostly on tips to sustain their family. Even if you are losing, the tip should be paid. Your dealer is not responsible for your bad luck. If they have done anything good to make you feel better, then they truly deserve a hefty tip.

Learn the Rules: Rules are a pivotal part of any game. People going to the casino for the first may not be properly aware of the rules of all the games. Play only those games whose rules you are aware of. Experts offer advice to the beginners but never go for that way. It characterizes you as immature and should be avoided. Many casinos offer training during the day which can be as highly beneficial. In this digital, when everything is available online, you can find great videos and tricks about the casino bonus games.


No Suggestions from Dealer: People, especially newcomers, always ask advice from the dealer handling the cards. This is one of the worst ways to show your poor knowledge about the game to the opponents. It also makes dealer a bit inconvenient as they would be held responsible if the player loses the game. Always use your knowledge and instinct in the game rather than someone else instinct. Taking advice from others and then losing can create guilt inside of you. You should be accountable for your success or failure.

Nice Behaviour: People draw conclusions about you based on how on behave with them. Being nice to dealers don't cost a penny, but earns great respect. Many a time, people after losing behave in an improper way with the dealers. People also harass the bartenders and attendants in the casino without any reason. One needs to understand that those people are doing those jobs to support their family. Being generous and kind to those people is the biggest etiquette of all.

The probability of winning in a casino depends on your luck and instinct. Sometimes you will end up on the winning side, sometimes the other. But both the ways one thing is common- proper etiquette. Having casinos etiquette makes you a wealthy person in terms of respect. So next time when you go to a casino, don't hesitate to show these high scoring casinos etiquette.