Best Deposit Bonus Casinos

In a day, a new player is creating a Casino account with one of the many platforms that are coming up every day. But what is it with the Casinos? Why are the players signing up at a very high rate? What influences the player to prefer one online casino in New Zealand to another? The answers to these questions are very easy and we shall highlight them below.

Among the most important factors that attract people to a Casino include; the number of games offered, the payment methods, friendliness of the platform but another important factor which actually plays the major role to this is the number, type and quality of bonuses offered: from the welcome bonuses to existing players offers. Let’s not forget that for a casino, it needs to attract and retain players so these are the incentives that keep them. There are various bonuses offered which include your deposit being matched to a certain amount. Some platforms have offered the promotion up to the 5thdeposits. On top of that, other platforms have added free spins to the equation and it doesn’t get any better.

How about letting you know that there are platforms that offer free bets, cash and credits to new players. That means that they have given you a free stake and you can actually win real money. To some other platforms, you will get daily deals where there is a dedicated promotion for every day. To other platforms, you will have a cashback offer where on a loss on a certain game or on a certain day, you can have your stake refunded to a certain percentage. There are loads of promotions offered on these casinos but what stands out is the welcome bonus as this is what attracts players on any platform.

However, some platforms will require a player to have a promo code which will go in ensuring that you get the offer as it is treated as an ‘opt-in’ option. Finally, for any bonus that you may win, it will be subject to wagering requirements which must be fulfilled before any withdraw resulting from the bonus is made.

Best Bonus Package Casinos Terms and Conditions

Every promotion offered on the platform is subject to terms and conditions as highlighted by the casino. However, there are common terms and conditions as shall be highlighted below.


On every platform, there are various factors that you will need to prove or meet for you to be eligible to receive the bonuses. To start with is the age requirements. Some platforms have set it at 18-years-old and others 21-years-old. The other factor is who is accessing the bonus. Some bonuses are specially tailored for the new players and others are tailored for all players. Lastly, some countries are restricted by the casino from accessing certain bonuses.

Minimum deposits

Many bonuses as seen shall be triggered by a deposit and a player needs to understand each platform’s minimum deposit. Some will have minimum deposit bonus,  $20, $25 and so on.

Wagering requirements

In a case where your bonus wins, you will have to fulfill certain wagering requirements before proceeding on to withdraw. Again, they differ on different platforms in terms of value and what you will wager. Some require you to wager the bonus, deposit or both. Additionally, all games do not weigh the same while fulfilling the requirements and the player ought to know the different weightings.

Maximum payouts

Many bonuses offered have a specific limit of payout whereby in a case your wins exceed the limit, you will be awarded the maximum money only.


All the bonuses offered on the platform will carry a specific valid duration time and when the time expires then your bonuses will be void


Some platforms will offer the bonuses and will require you to play on certain select games. This is common with free spins and free money. That is another avenue a player should look into.

Best Bonus Package Casino Pros

  • Incentives to players
  • One can win real money
  • You can always try new games

Best Bonus Package Casino Cons

  • Wagering requirements
  • Cashout limits set
  • Validity (Expiry date)

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