Best Animal Charities

Animal Charities


Online casino NZ sites are places where people bet in hope of making money. A person who enters a casino without much money in his pocket may leave the place as a millionaire. It all depends on the person’s luck more than his tactics in the game. There are several million online casinos worldwide. Most of the famous ones are located in the United States, particularly in Las Vegas. Surprisingly there are some casinos that are really into conserving wildlife. They collaborate with various best organizations for this purpose. Names of such organizations are given below:

  • Zion Wildlife Gardens
  • Best Friends Animal Society
  • Humane Farming Association
  • American Humane Association
  • D.E.L.T.A. Rescue
  • The Marine Mammal Center
  • Performing Animal Welfare Society
  • PetSmart Charities
  • Wildlife Conservation Society

Why save animals

Animal Charities


So, how can a casino help a zoo? The question is very weird and looks quite vague, doesn’t it? However, as a matter of fact, the answer is quite simple. As you know, casinos generate huge sums of money nearly every day. This money ranges in millions of dollars from betting etc. Animals are like the gems for this planet. They are amazing and phenomenal creatures which help sustain the balance of life on this planet. Without them, life on Earth would not cease to exist.It is extremely unfortunate that due to several human factors, most of the animal species have either become extinct or are on the verge of extinction, meaning to say that they are endangered. These animals include elephants, Bengali Tigers, Leopards, Rhinoceros and many others. These beautiful creatures must be saved at any cost. We just cannot afford to lose their presence on our only home planet. With this said, there are hundreds of ways in which casinos can contribute to solving this situation that is becoming dire as days are passing.

How to save them

Well, this here is a very challenging question. How can casinos apparently contribute in saving the endangered species of animals especially tigers? As I mentioned before, this industry generates huge sums of money every day. One thing that could be done is that part of this money, possibly a small percentage can be donated to the best wildlife saving organizations like the ones that were mentioned above. These will help in conserving the species by various means; for example making artificial habitats, providing the breeding environment, provision of the appropriate amount of food and diet, and lastly keeping them away from predators and any threats whatsoever.It all begins with one. If one casino starts doing this, then it sets an example for all others to follow its footsteps and really take a concrete and strong initiative towards this ideology of saving species.


Animal Charities


In the long run, this process has a huge outcome, both in terms of profits and also in earning tremendous respect and morally succeeding. Guests will believe that by playing in a certain casino that is engaged in this work, they are in some way contributing to the overall betterment of the society at large. Due to the result of more betters, investors will also develop a valuable interest. They will have more shares of investment in this particular casino, leading to more profit and success. So, as you can see this is one way that casinos can actually help in saving wildlife.Now, this may seem very far-sighted, but there is nothing wrong in putting together collective thoughts. If a group of casinos would form a coalition for this cause, they would be able to have a more effective and widespread impact. In addition to this, more investment and customer attraction will be there, leading to a drastic success.

Helping a zoo

How does a casino help a zoo? Well, this can be done, if the casino creates and maintains a zoo. For obvious reasons, it has enough money to create a zoo, and what it can possibly do is that it can rear endangered species of animals and provide for their food, shelter, and other basic requirements. As it is a privately owned zoo, so it would not have any problems in receiving funding for this purpose. Another way of doing this is if the casino can volunteer to donate some of the money to the zoo under a signed agreement. This would, in turn, ensure the survival and wellbeing of all the animals in the zoo, including the endangered species.

Saving Lions

Animal Charities


We all know, how truly majestic the lions are. These creatures are often known as the “king of the jungle.” They have a unique dominance, features and are a trademark of various companies and brands for this purpose. They occupy a large land of African Continent and as all of us know, they are extremely fierce in their way of hunting, and other interactions with other animals and basically the environment.This is very unfortunate, but human activities are causing these majestic animals to move towards the path of endangerment and if nothing is done, then over time they may become extinct. It would be a total shame for the entire humanity if this event were to occur. Imagine, the world without these creatures that have dominated an entire continent and are a symbol of bravery, valor, and fierceness all across the globe and in many cultures worldwide during the sands of time. Excessive hunting of their preys, that include zebras, gazelles, deer etc. have left them with very little supplies of food in order to survive. They do not get the required nutrients in order to stay alive and thus are unable to survive. There are various organizations that are working day and night in order to ensure their survival for the generations to come. However, their efforts overall are not enough. The presence of another entity is essential to help them work for this cause. As such, casinos should step forward and help fix this problem. They should spread awareness among their wide audience that is the gamblers etc. to help them save these creatures. Casinos should donate a small percentage of their profit for this cause, and as well as urge its gamblers to donate for this cause. So, this is a way in which casinos can help save the species of lions from being endangered and then possibly becoming extinct. It is indeed a long term process but is extremely beneficial for the future. It saves the Earth and its beauty in so many ways. It is never as simple as it seems. The survival of organisms on Earth is interconnected and so to prevent the extinction of lions is highly important.


Animal Charities


So, in conclusion, I can say, that the article perfectly talks about how a casino can help save animals especially lions for the sake of their magnificence. It also mentions the names of some of the most renowned animal life organizations in the world. It extensively describes the way a casino can help a zoo, along with gaining profits and also ensure the survival of endangered species. Along with this, the factors that have brought all these problems for the animals are also thoroughly discussed and the ways they can be reduced to save Earth.